Artist Design Of What A Harriet Tubman $20 Bill Might Look Like

During Trump’s tenure as president, he offered an astonishing amount of meaningful outreach to the black community.  What’s more, he did not do it smugly or arrogantly as a political opportunist.  He actually followed through with positive plans and results, of which there were many:

In fact, even many Democrats praised trump’s leadership powerfully


President Trump reached across the isle so far during his presidency that he actually grabbed far-left radical Van Jones, who called President Trump’s work with the black community “A Christmas miracle”

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But, it did not stop there.

Trump had already seen massive increases in minority support throughout his presidency by 2020.

However, to seal the deal, President Trump formed a commission of successful black leaders and entrepreneurs from around the country to offer their own ideas that would give the greatest opportunity for success.

So, what is next?

Now that Joe Biden has been installed by despots as the illegitimate president of America, what are his plans to better the lives of minorities?

Answer: Devalue the dollar with inflation and bad policies and then change some artwork on a $20 bill.

You thought the measly $600 offering from congress for Covid relief was pathetic.  How about a 5 year plan to pander to black people that was hatched under Obama and is now coming to fruition in 2021 to change the artwork on the $20 bill.

Yes.  That’s right.

Joe Biden’s feel-good plan to save America and black people begins with a continued focus on slavery by removing the image of Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill in order to replace him with one of Harriet Tubman.  In order to divide America by race, Democrats need to be shown only the negative things about their country and any white people that ever inhabited it.

Will this solve the skyrocketing violence in America due to leftists and leftist leadership?

Will it prevent the leftist terrorism that plagues America during election seasons?

Will it bring back the 60+ percent of American small businesses (largely owned and operated by minorities) closed permanently by totalitarian leftist mayors, prosecutors, and governors due to authoritarian rule in 2020?

Trump gained ground with every minority group in 2020, yet somehow lost with some white demographics according to the widely disputed election results for which there are mountains of evidence to suggest massive fraud

Do you believe that Biden’s amazing plan to erase history and replace Andrew Jackson’s face on a $20 bill will change anything at all for black people or this country in a  positive way?  Do black people see through this symbolic emotional pandering?

Leftists love symbolism, but they worship doublespeak.  When leftists dish out symbolism, beware.  This symbolism is only designed for a lasting emotional impression to obscure the nefarious actions they fully intend to take against all races of people.  Do not be fooled by a warm and fuzzy appreciation for symbolic political acts; such actions are meaningless.  Politicians are likely to begin phasing out physical dollars in a few years, anyway.

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