President Trump received a warm welcome at the 2023 Turning Point Action Conference in Palm Beach County, Florida.

As usual, Trump walked out to a roaring crowd and wasted no time talking about the hottest topics in the nation.

One topic that excited the crowd was when Trump stated he would stop schools that force Covid-19 vaccines from receiving funding.

Trump stated, “If you have a Vaccine mandate, from kindergarten through college, you don’t get anything!”

Watch him say it here:

The Rolling Stone reported on Trump’s comment’s on immigration and vaccines:

He said he would reinstate Title 42, which denied asylum to migrants and returned them across the border, in order “to end to child trafficking crisis.” He also promised to deter illegal immigration by signing “a day one executive order ending automatic citizenship for the children of illegal aliens, which brings all of their family members with them.”

“We must redouble our efforts to make sure that anyone who comes to America shares our values and assimilates into our culture,” he said. “We want people who can love our country and cherish our country. Under the Trump administration, we imposed extreme vetting and put on a powerful travel ban to keep radical Islamic terrorists and jihadists out of our country — and with great success, you know that. You didn’t see anything about that for four years, did you?”

Trump in the past has appeared somewhat reluctant to engage with the anti-vax crowd, but during his Turning Point speech, he seemed to hint that he may be reconsidering.

“I will continue my long record of standing up to Big Pharma by creating a presidential commission to investigate what is causing the decades-long increase in childhood diseases, autoimmune disorders, autism, obesity, infertility, and other chronic health problems,” he said.

Per Fox 17 News:

Former President Donald Trump, presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz and former Fox News Host Tucker Carlson were among those headlining day one of the conference.

Not on the lineup was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Young conservatives WPEC spoke with already have their minds made up about who they are going to throw their support behind.

Eager to get involved in the country’s democratic process is Jayden Antropov from Palm Beach County. He’s not of voting age, but he will be encouraging his family and friends to vote for the candidate who has already once held the job of president.


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