We have recently reported on what may be an increase in attacks against Asians in America and wondered what or who is behind such crimes.  We also discussed the statistical truth about who is behind the vast majority of crimes against Asians as well as the discrimination they face in public and private universities.

Now, in Houston, another incident has occurred.


Beauty salon owner, Jung Kim was attacked and had her nose broken allegedly by two women picture, below

Two women have been arrested in Houston for allegedly causing chaos in a beauty salon and then attacking the store owner as they hurled racial comments at her:

KPRC Reports:

HOUSTON – A beauty supply store owner in north Harris County was attacked inside of her store on St. Patrick’s Day, and the altercation was caught on surveillance video.

Business owner Jung Kim said that she was punched in the face by a customer who hurled racial insults at her as she was pummeled.

“You little Asian girl,” said Sung Jun Lee, the woman’s son. “That’s what she remembered.”

The attack left Kim bloodied and bruised with a broken nose. Kim said the break is so bad that she needs surgery.

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The trouble started after Kim said she asked Keaundra Young, Daquiesha Williams and three other women to leave her store after they knocked over several wig displays.

“They started saying something like some racial words like, ‘Asian people shouldn’t be in the Black market,’” Lee said. “We’re stealing their money.”

The video showed the women returning to the store, knocking over the displays again. Young eventually charged at Kim, punching her at least eight times. Lee said the women also scratched his face as he tried to fight them off his mother. Lee said the situation escalated when the pair nearly ran him and his father over with their vehicle in the parking lot.

“We never thought this would happen to us,” Lee said. “All of my customers are nice to us. We are nice to them. We have a good environment here and a good experience here.”

Customers who consider themselves regulars are shocked.

“I think that’s terrible,” said customer Valerie Randle. “I don’t see any reason for anyone to do that to her. She helps whoever. She helps when you come to the store with whatever you need.”

Williams has been charged with assault, while Young has been charged with aggravated assault.

The media wants you to believe that white Western people are to blame for all the worlds problems–including much of the racial violence in this country.  This is a fundamental premise of their racist Critical Race Theory Teachings.

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