As 100% FED Up previously reported, critical race theory is destroying our schools.  They sometimes call it antiracism, but nothing could be further from the truth.

President Trump recognized this late in his presidency and acted to remove it from government and schools.  According to pernicious critical race theory peddlers, everything is now said to be racist.  They seek to undermine The West by demonizing and eliminating critical thinking among the masses.

Excerpt from Page 19 of Race, Class, and Gender: An Anthology (2001) taught in many colleges and universities around the country.

This includes mathematics, which will now be taught using ‘tik-tok videos’ and ‘cartoons’ rather than pesky ‘words’ or ‘numbers’ which are part of white supremacy culture.” It also includes books and free speech, as digital book burnings have been occurring for a few years now as non-groupthink is labeled as hate speech.

Boston Public School Superintendent, Brenda Cassellius. PAT GREENHOUSE/GLOBE STAFF/GLOBE STAFF

To further these destructive ends, Boston schools (along with others) are eliminating their advanced classes for high-performing students.  In this way, no one can ever be encouraged to reach their full potential.  This is precisely what Democrats mean when they say ‘equity.’  It is quite opposed to equality.

And, as it turns out, it isn’t just to hurt white people.  The primary targets of this specific racist policy are Asians.  Fanatical racism against Asians by academic critical race theorists is par for the course because some Asians tend to work hard and do well on tests, statistically.  According to racist antiracists, though, we must apparently teach only to the lowest common denominator.  By doing this, our entire society–except those in the most elite strata–will be forced into the lowest common denominator of humanity, lacking the critical thinking, knowledge, and ability to protect or advance themselves.

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The Daily Caller reports:

“An advanced program for high-performing students at Boston Public Schools was suspended after district officials determined the program would not promote antiracism due to the disproportionate number of Asian and white students, GBH News reported.

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The Advanced Work Classes program, which provides an accelerated academic curriculum for students in fourth through sixth grade, will be suspended for one year after Boston Public Schools’ superintendent Brenda Cassellius recommended the school focus on reforming its antiracist policies, according to GBH News.

“There’s been a lot of inequities that have been brought to the light in the pandemic that we have to address,” Cassellius said, according to GBH News. “There’s a lot of work we have to do in the district to be antiracist and have policies where all of our students have a fair shot at an equitable and excellent education.”

So, because some students accel by working harder, having innate talents, or having better home situations, there are inequities in society’s natural order.  This creates inevitable inequities.  Antiracism doesn’t accept any such natural disparities, even though they exist naturally in every hierarchy on the planet.  They label them as racist because it is a scary word and then seek to snuff them out under the guise of ‘antiracism.’

Antiracism…that sounds good.  We don’t want to be racist.  But why, then, is antiracism predicated on crippling groups of people based upon race?

“70% of students in the program were white and Asian, while nearly 80% of all Boston public schools are Hispanic and black, a detailed study found, according to GBH News. Cassellius said that five schools currently offer the program, and last fall, 453 students applied, and 116 students enrolled, the outlet reported.

The results of the analysis disturbed school committee member Lorna Rivera, according to GBH News. Rivera reportedly noted that nearly 60% of fourth-graders in the program in one of the district’s schools were white even though most third-graders enrolled in the school are Hispanic and black. 

“This is just not acceptable,” Rivera said at a recent meeting, according to GBH News. “I’ve never heard these statistics before, and I’m very, very disturbed by them.”

The program was open to all students in the school district who took a standardized test in the third grade, earned a high score, and won an open spot via lottery. It allows students to study subjects in greater depth, and students are given more schoolwork and home study than the standard curriculum, according to the school districts’ site.”

So, because more white and Asian people naturally tend to be in these programs, the programs must be eliminated, according to critical race theory disciples.  Does this make any sense to a rational human being?  Isn’t this intentionally penalizing Asians and White people, who seem to want to attend these programs predominantly?  Instead of eliminating programs that make Americans accel, wouldn’t it be more beneficial (and less racist) to determine definitively why Black or Hispanic students are not a higher percentage of these classes and then try to address that issue, if possible?

This racist antiracism has spread like cancer throughout America. It must be snuffed out immediately, or our education system will quickly recede even further than it already has in recent decades.

“Other schools have proposed eliminating gifted programs or merit-based admissions as part of recent antiracist efforts. In New York City, a panel appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2019 recommended that schools end any merit-based admissions and gifted and talented programs because such programs are “exclusionary.”

Most recently, San Francisco education officials voted to end merit-based admissions at one of the nation’s most prestigious public schools, Lowell High School, and will be switching to a lottery-based system in a purported effort to address racism.”

While America fecklessly dithers and bickers with itself, globalists and China are swallowing the world entirely.

America must remain a meritocracy, or it will fall as China, Big Tech, and Globalists politicians scrap it out for parts.

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