We previously reported on officer Nate Sylvester, who made a funny video mocking LeBron James.

LeBron had threatened and incited his twitter followers by stating “YOU’RE NEXT” and doxxing a police officer named Nicholas Reardon who saved the life of a black girl by shooting another black girl who was raising her arm and about to stab her.  Instead of celebrating the officer, he seemed to suggest that the officer was just some racist cop who killed a black girl.

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For making his humorous video that went viral and was loved by many, officer Sylvester was suspended.  This sparked a gofundme page that received over $500,000 in support for the officer.

Since then, LeBron has not apologized for his statements officer Reardon or his racist and hateful ideology.  No one has sent him to sensitivity training or lectured him on the fact that black people, like him, can be racists, too.

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But much more has also happened in LeBron’s life.

Disney is most famous for firing and banning strong females from their television shows, hiring pedophiles in their highest echelons, and having producers who fantasize about throwing children of MAGA parents in wood chippers:

But they are also proven to be massively racist as well, as a document leak proved this week of their lengthy Critical Race Theory training for employees.

So, does it surprise you that Disney would also announce that they have now hired LeBron James for a show by elitists, starring elitists, about the lives of elitists in the wake of all of this?

Well, now Officer Sylvester is speaking out about the situation.  And this patriotic cop is unashamed of his video and his stance.

When asked by people if is feels the need to apologize for his humorous video, his answer is always

“Unequivocally HELL NO.”

Instead, he logically lays into LeBron for his lack of “accountability” and his intentionally divisive language that is hurting the country

“Everyone was using his tweet to spread more hate and that’s exactly what he was trying to do with that original tweet…We’re not Stupid, LeBron.”

“Lebron James needs to apologize to officer Reardon, his family, and the rest of this country.   He literally has the means to bring this country together…but instead he chooses just to further tear it apart.”

Watch Sylvester’s response, below:

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