After Anti-American Billionaire Marc Cuban virtue signaled his complete allegiance to anti-American globalism by banning the national anthem at his basketball games, he has been overruled!  But for how long?

Many people believe that because Marc Cuban has made billions through capitalism he is a capitalist.  They are wrong.

Not-so-subtly stumping for Hillary Clinton, Marc Cuban once claimed the stock markets would crash if Trump were elected president in 2016.  Perhaps still angry after finding out this 2016 Wall Street call to arms was a ignored, Marc Cuban lashed out at all of America this week when he banned the American National Anthem at all his NBA team’s games.

It seems that, while rabidly anti-Trump Cuban wears the American dream like an expensive foreign suit on Shark Tank as he talks about entrepreneurialism, it is all a manipulative façade.  Like every other wealthy celebrity, he has sold his soul to China and The Great Reset.

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And just like every other celebrity, Cuban has also produces Hollywood films and was highly critical of President Trump.  Apparently, all narcissistic overlords flock to narcissistic propaganda as soon as they have the money to do so because they all know what is best for everyone else who doesn’t have their money.

Based upon his anti-Trump stance and decision to ban the national anthem of the United States of America at his multi-billion dollar team’s games, it likely that Marc believes The Great Reset is a good thing and that it is inevitable.  He seems happy to jump on board with the elites in administering the coming American collapse and the ensuing pain of techno-serfdom on his paying customers.

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However, event he Chin-loving NBA told Marc to slow his roll, today as they mandated that the anthem be sung at all games as has been customary since perhaps the beginning of the league:

The New York Post Reports:

“The Dallas Mavericks will play the national anthem after all.

On Wednesday, a day after owner Mark Cuban publicly acknowledged his already on-going plan of skipping the pregame anthem, the NBA responded with a league-wide reminder of its policy.

“With NBA teams now in the process of welcoming fans back into their arenas, all teams will play the national anthem in keeping with longstanding league policy,” the league’s chief communications officer Mike Bass said in a statement.”

But don’t get excited just yet.  This is likely all just theater to gain more viewers after a dismal 2020 season and manage the American decline.  The NBA still hates you, America.

But, Ulysses, how could you possibly know this?

Because they have told us repeatedly over the past few years.

Their organization is so sick with hatred for America, the US Constitution, and conservatives, that one brave black man standing during the national anthem last year made global headlines because it was such a rarified event.

The NBA itself is already on board with anti-Americanism, painting BLM on its floors throughout the 2020 season, promoting kneeling during the anthem, and increasing the amount of time and money devoted to anti-American political chatter during and after games.  But, even more than that, the NBA loves that totalitarian Chinese money, which they see as the future of commerce. This must be why they ban anyone, especially dutiful reporters, from asking questions about it.  In fact, when an American patriot has a pro-American pro-freedom anti-authoritarian stance on anything, they are quickly ruined and disposed of by the NBA.  Yet, anyone with any wild anti-American, anti-Trump, or anti-conservative messages are celebrated as free speech.  They are also aided in their anti-Americanism by people like Barrack Obama

The leftist NBA goons also have a rules for thee but not for me mentality, just like every progressive politician and leader

White NBA Coaches openly promote anti-white racism.

The NBA also bans conservative messaging, but doesn’t mind all kinds of hateful leftist speech.

And they certainly don’t mind banning free expression about China, whether they are in the country or back at home.

They also mandate forced contact tracing, much like China, because they don’t care about your rights or your privacy.

And, of course, they support players who denigrate non-leftist presidents and entire teams who disrespect the Whitehouse after their championship, as has been tradition.

Perhaps the NBA’s decision to mandate (we will see how long it last…) the anthem has something to do with the historically bad ratings that the NFL Super Bowl experienced on Sunday when the entire broadcast went full-woke with Democrat and BLM propaganda all over it, including a nauseatingly disingenuous advertisement for Jeep with Bruce Springsteen calling for Unity.  This is precisely why it was the least enjoyable Super Bowl in History.

But, when Marc Cuban saw this and exclaimed “Hold My Beer!” the NBA has merely told him to slow down and pace himself for the collapse rather than destroy everything all at once.

Make no mistake, these institutions are completely hollowed out zombies.  Their only goal is to manage the decline and serfdom of the West amid a surge of authoritarian China.  Marc Cuban overstepped their acceptable velocity for this managed decline.  But, eventually, it will come and the NBA, like Cuban, will embrace it.

WALK AWAY and nurture your minds and spirits with better forms of enrichment and entertainment among those you love.

And, if you need a sport to watch, consider UFC/MMA which still appears to be 100% pro-America and stars like Gina Carano and Colby Covington who understand America’s current situation and openly support free thought.

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