Veteran Hero Daniel Penny, who was arraigned Friday morning on charges of second-degree manslaughter after restraining a deranged man, has received a huge surge in public support. Penny, who could face up to 15 years in prison if charged, has received financial gifts totaling almost $500k in donations toward his legal defense fund.


Penny stepped in to protect innocent bystanders after a violent felon harassed New York City passengers on a subway in early May. According to Western Journal a wave of financial and moral support has come in for the 24-year-old man following his arraignment.

Attorney DC Draino reminded Americans that being a good samaritan puts you in harm’s way in a leftist hellhole like NYC. He tweeted, “Daniel Penny served our country in the Marines. He stepped up to serve again when he restrained a violent felon from terrorizing an innocent woman on an NYC subway. This is how Democrats are now treating him. FREE THIS MARINE.”

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On May 1, the former Marine put homeless man Jordan Neely, who had a record of 40 prior arrests, including violent attacks, in a chokehold after he was verbally threatening and intimidating passengers on the F train in Manhattan.

The Marine, who some labeled a killer and some labeled a hero, was soon identified as decorated Sergeant Daniel Penny. Penny’s attorneys released a statement saying that he acted in self-defense to protect himself and the other subway passengers. They added that they felt confident he would be absolved of any wrongdoing after all the facts had been presented.

One Twitter user pointed out that the NYC Soros-funded Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is once again allowing his leftist political bias to determine how he prosecutes cases. Under Bragg’s two-tiered system of justice, will Penny even receive a fair trial?

“Bragg decided to charge Marine Daniel Penny with manslaughter in the death of Jordan Neely. After police initially decided not to charge, Soros-funded DA Bragg has decided to cave to public pressure. The family of Neely stated, “He never attempted to help him at all,” even though video footage showed Penny placed Neely in a position to help airflow return to his body after letting him go. Is this what constitutes justice now? Does anyone actually believe he’ll get a fair trial?”

Alvin Bragg made national headlines following his desperate attempt to harm Donald Trump. Bragg ran a haphazard case against the former President which revealed more about Bragg’s political ambition than any wrongdoing by the former President. In addition, Bragg has been criticized for his soft stance on criminals. This, too, is at the center of the subway issue as light sentencing was applied to Jordan Neely, leaving him a free man, able to terrorize other residents.

Twitter user Amiri King posted that the outpouring of support has lifted Penny’s spirit. He also noted that Jordan Neely only received a four-month sentence after an attempted kidnapping of a 7-year-old girl. He called for DA Bragg to be held accountable,

“I’ve been in touch with Daniel’s team. He’s obviously been down. The support you all are showing is lifting his spirits. Don’t let DA Alvin Bragg’s bullshit go unnoticed. Jordan Neely only received four months for attempting to kidnap a 7-year-old little girl. Daniel Penny is facing a maximum of 15 years for meeting that piece of shit. Comment below with your support for Daniel. I’ll make sure he sees it. “

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