Evil hiding under the banner of “religion” in our own backyard…

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A 32-year-old woman was harassed and intimidated last week when she tried to pick up her four children from the fundamentalist Mormon sect she bravely left to escape an abusive husband.

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Sabrina Broadbent Tetzner, 32, fled the sect headed by convicted rapist Warren Jeffs eight years ago and finally gained full custody of her children (ages 8 to 13) last week.

But when she tried to pick up her children from the Colorado City, Utah community where they have been living, she was physically stopped by hundreds of cult members hell bent on keeping the kids.

‘Lots of members from the community started showing up. They surrounded her vehicle, the home, fences and the yard. They were kicking the van. They even tried to put a cow and chickens into her vehicle,’ ex-cult member Flora Jessop, who helped Tetzner through her legal battle, told KSL.

Cell phone footage shows swarms of polygamists surrounding Tetzner’s van, the women dressed in conservative floor-length dresses in varying pastel colors.
A Mohave County judge ordered the sect to turn over the children at 5pm Thursday, but Tetzner says that when she got to the compound at the arranged time her kids were nowhere to be seen.
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It was only at midnight that they returned, and were quickly shepherded into their aunt Samantha Holm’s house where several dozen fundamentalists kept them from seeing her mother.

Tetzner spent the night in her van, fearing the vehicle would be torn apart if she left it unattended.
When even about 600 cult members surrounded her vehicle in the morning, and kept her from reaching the home where her children were staying, Tetzner called police to intervene on her children’s behalf.
Sheriff’s deputies had to take out a search warrant to pry the children from the house and into their mother’s waiting arms.

Allegedly, the children were not so happy to leave, since cult members had scared them into believing their mother was taking them to hell.
Deputies escorted Tetzner and her children all the way back to their home in northern Utah, and reportedly FLDS members tailed them the whole way there.

Since leaving the sect, she has remarried a man named Chase Tetzner and the two appear to have a toddler son together.
A photo posted to her Facebook in August 2012, shows her in a half-white, half-camouflage wedding dress.

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Defenders of Children, a non-profit group that has been aiding Tetzner through her custody battle, said they fear for her safety and are raising money to pay for a security system and new clothes for the woman’s children.
Tetzner left the FLDS church eight years ago, about a year after the cult’s leader Warren Jeffs was arrested for organizing marriages between men in his cult and underage girls. He is currently serving a life sentence in prison, but continues to head the church from behind bars.

Custodial interference charges are pending against Samantha Holm, the aunt who initially wouldn’t hand over Tetzner’s children.

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