Former Ms. Nevada 2019 Katie Jo Williams speaks out in the video below on her allegations against the Ms. America Pageant on ‘Fox & Friends.’

The Miss America organization says Williams was stripped of her title because of a pageant policy of no politics but Williams says it’s because she’s a Trump supporter. A comment below from a pageant judge may prove her case.

This is a strange rule because the contestants are asked political questions during the pageant all the time.

Katie Jo’s take on what happened below:

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Katie Jo Williams says she was banned and stripped of her title because she’s a Trump supporter. One of the judges for the pageant even released a message about Williams being a “Typical Trump Supporter” because she wouldn’t start a separate social media account with no politics included:

Kathy Jo tweeted out a screenshot of the Facebook post from the judge with the comment:

“Very telling comments by Kathy, who says she is slated to judge Ms. America this weekend. Guess I wouldn’t have had her vote…”

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