Texas Governor Abbott just signed seven gun rights bills into law, including Constitutional carry. Governor Abbott announced the “cradle of liberty” in the Lonestar State…at the Alamo.

Governor Abbott said, “Today, I signed documents that instill freedom in the Lone Star State.”

Texas House Bill 1927 will allow holstered handguns to be carried in Texas without a permit. Six other bills will take effect on September 1st of this year.

It was reiterated that the Second Amendment isn’t just for hunting deer and is about Americans being able to protect themselves. Governor Abbott brought up the invasion at the border and how citizens need a gun to protect them from the illegals who might harm them. He mentioned two Texans who were at the bill signing that stopped shooters in their tracks.

Jack Wilson (below left) and Stephen Willeford (below right) attended the signing. Both men opened fire on mass shooters at different churches in Texas, stopping them in their tracks.

Stephen Willeford told the Texas Statesman, “This restores what our Constitution was supposed to be about. Willeford wounded a gunman who killed 25 and injured 20 others in a rampage at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs on Nov. 5, 2017. Jack Wilson also attended the signing. He fired a single shot to take down the gunman who killed two people at a Fort Worth church in 2019.

The List of the rest of the gun rights bills that governor Abbot signed:

-Senate Bill 19, which bars government contracts with entities that discriminate against the firearm industry.
-SB 20, which prevents hotels from implementing restrictive gun policies.
-SB 550, which gives handgun carriers more freedom to choose which holster to wear.
HB 957 removes firearm suppressors from the list of prohibited weapons in the Texas Penal Code.
-HB 1500, which says firearms and ammunition sellers and manufacturers are essential businesses.
-HB 2622, which prohibits state and local governments from enforcing new federal gun rules.

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