Actor and social media figure Dylan Mulvaney became a TikTok star by documenting his transition into “girlhood,” acting out offensive stereotypes about women and making a mockery of their gender. His recent partnerships with large companies like Bud Light, Nike, and Olay have infuriated many who don’t believe that, by doing insulting impressions of women, he has earned the right to such lucrative sponsorship deals.

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Now, videos of Mulvaney have surfaced that reveal his obsession with becoming famous which began far before his very public “transition.”

He has always been an actor and sought attention not just in the theater but on reality television and social media as well.

In one video from 2018, Mulvaney appeared on Ellen, where he spasmodically danced in front of a live studio audience because his New Year’s resolution was to “get funky on national television.”

In 2020, shortly before deciding to become a “girl,” Mulvaney appeared on The Price is Right where he did everything in his power to become the center of attention, including doing ‘snow angels’ on the floor, screaming, and dancing around like a crazed person.

Also before his ‘365 days of girlhood’ stunt, Mulvaney posted a TikTok mocking female college cheerleaders by hopping around and acting very ditzy.

It wasn’t long before Mulvaney realized he could cash in on this act.

Everyone on the show was laughing at Mulvaney for the absurd things he was doing on television, but now that he dresses like a girl, he is applauded for his bravery.

Mulvaney has been acting out degrading and embarrassing female stereotypes since the very beginning of his “girlhood” journey just to get views on social media.

On day 66 of him being a “girl,” Mulvaney decided to frolic outside on a field in heels, a sports bra, and spandex – as no women do.

After seeing an apparent dragonfly, he screamed and dramatically fell over in an obviously pre-planned act. Feigning fear, Mulvaney said, “We gotta get out of here. Did you see that?”

This actor has now convinced the woke left to support him and reward him for the continued misrepresentation of true women.

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