Joe Biden has been making a colossal fool of himself on the world stage ever since he and nurse Jill landed at the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay, Cornwall. From showing up over 2 hours late for a press conference to multiple bumbling, disoriented moments in front of the mic, to reading prepared answers from a notebook, Joe Biden has been making America look like a weak and stupid nation for allowing a dementia patient to represent our nation on the world stage.

On three occasions during his comments about U.S. – Russia relations at the G7 Summit, Biden confused Libya with Syria.

Today, Biden met privately with Russian President Vladimir Putin for almost 4 hours.

Immediately following his meeting, the media asked the confused puppet “president” to share some details of the meeting with them. Biden, who appeared to be confused, responded by saying, “I caught part of President’s uh—Trump—uh—Putin’s—uh—uh—press conference.”

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