Biden’s “Ministry of Truth Director” wants “verified” Twitter users to be able to edit Tweets they don’t like

She’s nuts. Nina Jankowicz, the director of Biden’s dystopian “Disinformation Governance Board” (often referred to as the “Ministry of Truth”) wants “verified” Twitter users, such as herself, to have the power to edit Tweets. But only some verified users should have that power, as others “are not trustworthy.”

In this video, Jankowicz is calling for herself and other specially verified Twitter users to have the power to edit other users’ posts to be able to “add context” to Tweets they disagree with.

“So verified people can essentially start to edit Twitter the same sort of way that Wikipedia is so they can add context to certain Tweets” she says, before powering through to say that it would be “nonpolitical” while giving an example which attacks President Trump’s vindicated claims of voter fraud.

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We know from her history, as well as her fanaticism, that what this will translate into is unrestricted power for her and her lackeys to edit, censor, and vandalize any and all dissent on Twitter. This is a clear response to the direction Elon Musk wishes to take Twitter in, returning it to a free speech platform.

Jankowicz is a fanatical Democrat ideologue hellbent on destroying free speech and upholding the Party’s truths. We can see even in this video where she refers to some verified users as “not trustworthy… in my opinion” that she would arbitrarily enforce this policy, not allowing all verified users the same power and censoring especially the ones she personally considers not trustworthy.

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The Biden Regime is determined to destroy free speech by any means necessary, and Jankowicz is their storm trooper.

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