“Well, it doesn’t always have to be a yes or no answer!” Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaky was reduced to a blubbering stutter after an ABC journalist asks her if Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo is the Gold Standard of leadership.

Joe Biden has said that Emmy-winner Andrew Cuomo is the Gold Standard of governors.  And, to Joe Biden, he probably is:

Unfortunately, Andrew Cuomo also seems to (allegedly) lieA lot.  In fact, even CNN admits that the magnitude of his cover-ups can no longer be overstated. But, still, a liar must continue lying.

Now, even the Biden administrations press secretary, Jen Psaky appears to no longer know how to address the fact that they supported such a villain.  Or, perhaps she is just stunned that a reporter from the mainstream media would ask a difficult question about any Democrat like Andrew Cuomo and she was just caught off guard.

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This is quite bizarre since this is only the latest–though perhaps the most egregious–scandal surrounding Cuomo and his response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  There are numerous other scandals that she must be aware of:

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Nevertheless, Psaky persisted:

Many politicians–including democrats–accuse Cuomo of using mob tactics as well as obstruction of justice, in addition to killing old people i nursing homes.

It has gotten so bad for the embattled New York governor that up to 30 Democrats now support a Cuomo impeachment inquiry.

And, according to Breaking 911, the number is steadily increasing:

This is all just talk so far.  We will let you know if the Democrats actually pull the trigger on impeachment proceedings and–more improbably–if they actually do impeach him.

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