First, it was “Creepy Joe” Biden.

Then, Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden was given the nickname, “Sleepy Joe,” by President Trump.

It looks like Sleepy Joe is living up to his nickname.

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In a recent interview with Democrat mouthpiece and MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell, Sleepy Joe can be seen with his head down, as he appears to be struggling to stay awake for the interview.

Conservative comedian Mark Dice posted the hilarious video of Joe Biden on Twitter.

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Sleepy Joe can be seen with his head hanging down and eyes at half-mast, as Andrea Mitchell asks him, “When he [Trump] accuses Democrats of being treasonous, they say it was a joke. But when he uses that language against the opposition at a State of the Union address for not applauding enough, what’s your reaction to that?”

Biden, who appears to be struggling to open his eyes and lift his head, slowly replies, “I…I wonder about his…uh…grasp…of the role…of any president.”


Watch the bizarre exchange here:

Like Hillary in 2016, many voters suspect Joe Biden is in poor health and has no business running for the highest office in America.

Last night, Biden gave his supporters a new reason to question his fitness to become the next president. During a CNN town hall focusing on climate change, Biden’s left eye began to pool up with blood.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Biden has suffered many different health issues over the years including an aneurysm that burst which required surgery.

Just a few months later Biden had a second aneurysm clipped before it burst and as the Washington Examiner points out, Biden has not publicly disclosed a medical report on his health since 2008.

Here’s the video showing Biden’s eye filling up with blood.

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