The family of Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann hired famed lawyer L. Lin Wood to take on the media and individuals who slandered the 16-year-old boy, after a manufactured incident in D.C. between Covington Catholic students, the hate group, the “Black Hebrew Israelites,” and the fake Vietnam vet and Native-American, Nathan Phillips.

Wood is famous for winning defamation suits. He’s who you’d want if you were in the shoes of the Sandmann family. Nick Sandmann’s parents want their son’s name cleared and restored to good standing after the media and others blamed him for an incident that happened at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial.

Prominent Democrat lawmakers like Muslim activist/U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), along with liberals on social media and a number of members of the media, twisted the truth about what happened that day in D.C., as the Covington Catholic boys waited for their bus to take them home to Kentucky from the March For Life. Eventually, several full-length videos were released, showing what really happened, and proving the Covington Catholic students were actually the victims.

One of Sandmann’s most prominent critics following the manufactured event was Somali immigrant, and Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Omar tweeted about the young boy and attempted to tie him to President Trump (who she refers to as “individual-1,” a reference to another fake news story about Trump, that was published in Buzzfeed. It has since been debunked by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team). Omar tweeted: “This shameful behavior is a direct consequence of individual-1’s dehumanizing rhetoric and actions towards communities of color. Do better!

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Omar managed to stir the pot with her baseless tweet, causing her followers to jump on with no knowlege about what really happened on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

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Here’s just one response to Omar’s bogus tweet, that accused a teenager of being a racist and acting in a “dehumanizing” way towards the fake Vietnam vet.

You’re absolutely correct but unfortunately, from everything I’ve read their behavior started long before Trump became POTUS. Their attitude is what elected Trump and what allows him and others to do and say the things they do. Thank you for standing up for decency and respect.

Fortunately, some responsible Twitter users jumped on the thread of her hateful tweet and corrected her about what really happened.

Do some research before jumping to conclusions. The BHI were harassing those kids and then Nathan Phillips walked up to them banging his drum in their face. That is the face of someone who is uncomfortable. There is an hour-long video that proves this.

Now, almost three weeks later, after it’s been proven that the Covington Catholic boys were innocent kids targeted by a hate group and by an aging, leftist, Native-American agitator, John Calvi, a reporter for EWTN caught up with Omar to ask her about the Covington Catholic kids. Watch, as Omar refuses to apologize for the intentional trashing of their reputations on her Twitter account.

When will the media hold this horrible woman accountable for her actions?

When will Jewish Americans hold her accountable for her anti-Israel views?

Here’s the video the lawyer for the Nick Sandmann’s parents put out for the public to see what really happened to their son and his classmates in D.C. that day:

Let us know what you think of a sitting US Congresswoman unfairly targeting young Catholic high school boys?

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