West Virginia has been devastated by a loss of 10,000 jobs due to the Obama administration’s efforts to shut down the coal industry. If Hillary Clinton is elected, we can see a continuation of job loss there. Here’s what she said a few weeks ago about the coal industry:

Miner Allen Lardieri: She said, and she did not make it a secret that she is going to continue with the policies of the past seven and a half years and expand upon them. There’s no other way to perceive that. Pure and simple, we are doomed.
Miner Jordan Bridges: I think she is basically just stabbing us in the back. I mean how can you say you’re going to put us all out of work, the coal companies, and come here and lie to our face the way she did. I have nothing for her and as a matter of fact I agree with our mayor, she can stay out of our plants and stay out of our state.

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