Ashleigh Shackelford is what passes for a serious Democrat these days. She’s a Black Lives Matter activist who has some serious issues with hate. This is not a joke but a serious effort to try to tell white women hateful lies about their own race IN THE NAME OF DIVERSITY. The women just sit there! Unreal!


Ashleigh Shackelford, a black female “activist”, gave a short lecture in front of a crowd of mostly working-aged white people that covered one issue: all white people are racist. It was difficult to tell where this talk was being held. At a school, a place of business, or a lecture hall where people paid to come see her. Either way, it was a strange sight to see a room full of people be spoken about in such a negative way without reacting in a defensive way… or reacting at all. It was also strange to see the audience members dressed in a business casual way sitting before Ashleigh who was dressed like she just got out of bed in clothing that fit way too small for her very large frame.

Talks like the one given in the video are unfortunately becoming very common. Some of these so-called activists get paid to speak at corporate meetings as some sort of diversity checklist. Even white men like Tim Wise get paid lots of money to berate white people at places like Google. Much of this culture comes from the belly of the beast of liberalism which is the San Francisco bay area. Much of the tech world is run here but it is also a hotbed for radical liberalism. So when the two of those worlds mix, what you end up with is individuals like Ashleigh Shackelford allowed to run amok. Her issue may be one of envy and ensuing resentment of white people, but the force which allows her to vent her frustrations in an open way can be found in socially and politically liberal hotbeds across the country – especially California.

Here is info from Shackelford’s website: Ashleigh Shackelford is a queer, non binary Black fat femme writer, cultural producer, and artist. She is a contributing writer at Wear Your Voice Magazine and For Harriet. In her commitment to creating and imagining new worlds, Ashleigh created an organization for body positivity – Free Figure Revolution, and a coalition for afrofuturism entitled Black Futurism. When she’s not writing Facebook statuses as novels, Ashleigh is working on producing cultural storytelling of and by Black fat femmes.


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