Even the most militant supporters of Crooked Hillary are (reluctantly) exposing the truth about her. Fake black guy, “journalist” and Black Lives Matter terror group activist, Shaun King tweeted a scathing video exposing Hillary and the lies she can’t escape…

Leftist Chuck Todd begrudgingly admits, “Because of this breach, for instance, I don’t think she could be confirmed for instance, as Attorney General.”

The best part of the video is when Mika asks looney leftist Andrea Mitchell, who has been carrying the Clinton’s water for decades, “I really, don’t want to be the one delivering this, but, I gotta tell ya…it’s really hard to believe. It feels like she’s lying straight up. Andrea Mitchell…is she [Hillary] lying?” Andrea panics…then responds,”I can’t say that…uh…I would let the viewer, I would let the voter…uh make those determinations.”

The libs are in panic mode, as they should be. Hillary cannot lie her way out of this and these leftist “journalists” are running out of options to cover for her.


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And finally Chuck Todd has this to say about Crooked Hillary and her crooked husband, “Like so many of these Clinton scandals, it’s impossible to imagine that this wasn’t going to surface.”

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