Disney has been promoting a lot of woke, Leftist ideologies lately, including mandating Covid-19 vaccines on their cruise line for children 5 and up, publicly condemning Flordia lawmakers for their anti-grooming bill, encouraging white employees to participate in reparations, and pushing gay agenda on young kids.

Now, due to the company’s recent politically-affiliated actions, many Disney fans are canceling their trips to Disney’s theme parks and ending their subscriptions to Disney’s streaming service.

One parent, interviewed by the Daily Wire, said, “I’m not sorry for our decision and can’t even pity a company for making such a poor decision when they have enough clout to do whatever the hell they want, and this is the direction they’ve decided upon.”

“We’ve all known for years that Disney is left-wing, but many of us somewhat tolerated it bc their product gives our children joy,” Father of four Kurt Buchert said. “But that Zoom call we all heard this week is utterly insane… a group of woke gay activists talking about an agenda to foist on our children about trans and LGBT ideology. It’s blatant child abuse and grooming. Way over the line.”

Another Daily Wire interviewee, Aaron Sherrill, said, “The events of the past few weeks have convinced us that we will never give Disney any of our money again. We are disgusted with them. I would be sad if I wasn’t so revolted by their actions of late.”

Sherrill and his wife Catherine have been Disney annual pass holders for nearly 10 years, and “spent tons of money” on the parks, merchandise, and streaming service.

Disney has been a major part of many people’s lives, and many parents undoubtedly wanted to share the magic they experienced with Disney with their children. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to give up the things you love to stand up for your values and beliefs.

You can’t help but wonder how Walt Disney himself would feel about the new role his company is playing in the world today. Walt wanted to bring magic to children and inspire them to dream big. Now, instead of the original dream for the company, it is focused on pushing a political agenda and pandering to a small minority pushing for a radical genderless society.

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