Americans were stunned when they were told the police officers were allegedly told to “stand down” and allow violent Antifa and Democrat rioters to attack students who came to hear schedule speaker and gay conservative Milo Yiannopolous at Berkeley College in February. It turns out that the mayor who was accused of telling the police to stand down may have had a motive for allowing conservatives to be threatened and physically harmed. Here’s the description of BAMN from their Facebook page: BAMN – Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary

We Are Change – Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, who many have speculated was behind stand down orders to police during recent riots in the city, is a member of the Facebook group of far left militant organization, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).

Arreguin also appears to be Facebook friends with Yvette Falarco, a BAMN organizer and Berkeley middle school teacher with a long hidstory of instigating violence.

BAMN was named by the FBI in 2005 as thought to be involved in domestic terrorist activities, and have boasted that they were the “organizers of Berkeley’s shutdown of white neo-fascist Milo Yiannopoulos.” 

BAMN is perhaps best known, however, for a 2016 incident in which they showed up to a rally held by the white-nationalist Traditionalist Workers Party outside the California state capitol building in Sacramento. The militant group was confrontational with the white-nationalists within minutes of arrival, and ten people were stabbed and hospitalized in a bloody fight. Police have verified through videos taken by members of the group, news organizations, and bystanders, that BAMN initiated the violence.

 Falarco was caught on camera at the event repeatedly punching a man in the stomach and throwing him to the ground.

Arreguin, a far-left liberal, made headlines in February for his tweets prior to BAMN organizing a riot to prevent right-wing political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at the city’s University of California campus.

“Using speech to silence marginalized communities and promote bigotry is unacceptable. Hate speech isn’t welcome in our community,” Arreguin had tweeted.

The mayor also referred to Yiannopoulos as a “white supremacist,” and was forced to issue an “apology.”

“I consider much of what Mr. Yiannopoulos says to be hateful. But I regret and apologize for the white national label,” Arreguin tweeted.

Hours after his tweet, supporters of President Donald Trump who hoped to listen to Yiannopoulos speak were under a violent attack. People were assaulted with pipes, a generator-powered spotlight was firebombed, and looters destroyed several businesses in the area including a Starbucks.

The rioters smashed windows, spray painted violent messages all over the area — including “Kill Trump” — and began committing arsons. It was estimated that the rioters caused $100,000 in damage to the MLK Student Union, and $400,000 to $500,000 in damage to the area surrounding the university.

It was immediately alleged that the mayor had ordered the police to stand down and allow the violence and destruction.

uc berkeley image

Arreguin denied the accusations, saying that the police strategy was ordered by the department, not him. “They did an excellent job in preventing further risk to safety,” he added.

It was alleged by journalist and author Mike Cernovich, who broke the Susan Rice scandal as well as impending Syria strikes, that the FBI was investigating Arreguin role in the stand down.

Last weekend Antifa showed up to shut down the free speech of Trump supporters who were rallying in Berkeley, CA and were surprised by the number of pro-Trump patriots who weren’t going to sit back and allow themselves to be beaten.

Watch these two stunning interviews, where police officers almost admit to this liberal reporter that they’ve been told to stand down:

This police officer is clearly agitated that he’s being asked why he’s ignoring the violence:

The last time violence erupted in Berkeley when anti-Trump terrorists attacked members of a pro-Trump rally, Americans were stunned to see police officers standing by and watching the violence unfold without making any attempt to stop it

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