Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are being eviscerated on social media—and they deserve it.

12 US Marines have been killed today in Afghanistan and doesn’t seem to be a clear picture yet of how many more have been injured after two suicide bombers have blown themselves up outside of the only operating airport in the new Islamic state of Afghanistan.

Instead of addressing the world about the international crisis that’s unfolding at the Kabul Airport, with over 1,500 Americans and thousands of allies desperately waiting to be evacuated, the United States Department of State has released an incredible statement: “There will not be a Department Press Briefing today.”

Popular conservative attorney Mike Cernovich tweeted a screenshot of the statement. “You morons, you completely gutless cowards!” he wrote in response to their press release.

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Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro tweeted:

Now Biden will turn tail and run like a coward, leaving dead Marines and abandoned Americans in his wake. Because that’s what he does. And he will use the brutality of ISIS as an excuse to do it.

Even the anti-Trump, pro-Biden Meghan McCain is calling out the “Cowards.”

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