The CDC Revealed that a young boy who died after receiving Pfizer’s COVID-19 was suffering from heart inflammation

A young boy tragically died after having the Pfizer vaccine pushed on him. He suffered from fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, and heart inflammation.

While availability of the J&J shot has been drastically reduced amid reports of blood clotting, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines remain widely pushed by the CDC. Meanwhile, studies from the UK and the Nordic countries have concluded that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines can both cause heart inflammation which is more risky in young men than the actual virus is.

Unfortunately, due to this very heart inflammation risk, a boy no older than 11 years old has died. After 12 days of fever the patient began to experience vomiting and abdominal pain, followed swiftly by death.

From the Epoch Times:

“This patient had a rapid clinical course. From the time they started experiencing their abdominal pain day 13 after dose one until the time they were brought into the [emergency department] and subsequently died was on the order of a couple of hours,” Dr. Tom Shimabukuro, a CDC vaccine analyst, said during a virtual meeting.

“Histopathological evidence of myocarditis was present on autopsy, and that was resolved to be the cause of death,” he added.

In simpler English, he died from heart inflammation caused by complications from receiving the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

The victim of pharmaceutical malpractice was otherwise healthy, young, and at low risk. Yet the CDC has, at the behest of pharma panelists, began recommending that even healthy, low-risk 5-11 year old children receive the vaccine. This is in spite of some studies indicating that in young men especially the risk of heart inflammation is worse from the vaccine than from the virus.

How many more people will have the vaccine forced on them, facing death from blood clots, heart inflammation, and who knows what else, before the CDC and big pharma admit that they’re wrong? The pandemic is all but over, yet they continue to push it on us like lab rats. Now young boys are dying.

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