In just two years time the Biden administration has blown an enormous amount of hard-earned tax payer money, showing disregard for the numerous ways Americans struggle to make ends meet.
According to a Daily Mail analysis using open-source American government data, 80-year-old Joe Biden has wasted more than $50 billion dollars hiring consulting firms. The amount adds up to three times the amount of money Donal Trump needed to fund the construction of the Southern border wall.

The border wall helped Americans stay safe. What benefit has hiring endless consultants achieved for Americans?

Meanwhile, Democrats in the Senate are pushing back on House Republicans who are merely trying to cap reckless spending. While Biden and McCarthy are planning to meet to negotiate the debt limit, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is announcing hearings on the house bill, likely as public relations stunt in an attempt to deride the proposed budget. As of now, the California Democrat is refusing to hold a vote on the bill or put together his own proposal.

Biden’s reckless spending is out of touch while the country struggles to regain its economic footing following the injuriously foolish and unlawful lockdowns. His careless behavior is likely to raise eyebrows among independent voters who are already faced with an increase in the cost of living.

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The biggest benefactor is not the American people but rather Booz Allen Hamilton, one of the world’s major consulting firms advising the U.S. government. Unfortunately, the company is also ranked among the top 10 most woke companies in the country according to Epoch Times,

“Ranking No. 10 was Booz Allen Hamilton, a U.S. government and military contractor headquartered in northern Virginia that advises both public and private sector clients on strategy, organization, and information technology. On its website, the company touts its “culture of inclusion” and shares its action plan devoted to advancing the principles of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI).”

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The leftist company has reportedly raked in $26.6 billion in public funds since the beginning of Biden’s presidency.

Former Trump administration official Joe Grogan who oversaw domestic healthcare spending, criticized the reckless spending that goes hand-in-hand with government contracts.

He told, “There is a huge out-of-control industry around government contracts.” Grogan described the wasteful use of taxpayer money to hire consultants saying,

“The knee-jerk response amongst various government agencies is that we will hire a consultant to tell us what to do rather than figure it out ourselves,’ he said.  

“It was like a joke. They would give presentations, often with beautiful PowerPoints,” the ex-director of Trump’s Domestic Policy Council said. “But you rarely had a plan of action.”

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