On Sunday, Biden’s DHS deputy secretary Mayorkas stated unequivocally that “The Border is secure.  The border is closed.”  Yet, all evidence and anecdotes seem to prove this to be a much worse than just a complete falsehood.  Now, Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick is taking Mayorkas to task for his lies, joining President Donald Trump and Arizona governor Doug Ducey in eviscerating the Biden regime’s unconstitutional and inhumane border policies which seem designed to intentionally induce a humanitarian and economic crisis as well as an existential crisis of American sovereignty.

It is “An absolute lie…[Mayorkas] is just lying or he is absolutely stupid because it is wide open.  There is no control on the border. They are now apprehending people and turning them over without even giving them a court date…we are just letting them go into the country.  We have no idea what their criminal background might be.  We have no idea if they have Covid.  We have no idea where they are going.”

For her part, Vice president* Kamala Harris–who also denies there is a crisis at the border–cackled dismissively this week when asked if she had visited the border to witness the devastation caused by her administration’s policies.  But it wasn’t amusing to the border states that witness firsthand the human and economic devastation caused by the Biden-Harris policies.

“They won’t call this a crisis,” said Patrick, but “It is a designed disaster.  Their plan is to allow millions to come here, legalize them as soon as they can, get them registered to vote, and try to take the Whitehouse on the backs of people who are crossing the border by the thousands every day.”

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Lt. Gov Patrick knows that impoverished dependent illegal immigrants for socialist countries will be given plenty of handouts and entrench themselves in the solid democrat immigrant voter block.  They have been doing so since the 1960s when immigration policies were intentionally shifted by Democrats to favor mostly immigrants who would burden the American system rather than elevate it.  Such people tend to vote Democrat dependably.

And, this process is being intentionally accelerated to a final breaking point by Biden-Harris immigration policies.

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It is either “total negligence, or total stupidity or lack of caring,” said Patrick.  “We are capturing in the Del Rio sector about 35,000 people a month.  We are on pace, this year, to break all records in Texas,” said the governor, who expects millions more illegals by just the end of this year. “We will be in the potential millions–we had over 100,000 total this month [in all of Texas], growing every month….We may apprehend well over a million this year” in total. And that doesn’t account for the “1 to 2 million” people that CBP and law enforcement do not catch every year in Texas.

But, there is perhaps an even more inhumane and amoral price to pay for overwhelming the American system that Democrats intentionally ignore.

Sex offenders are up 1967% in just the Del Rio sector of Texas.  Sex offenders are defined by people who we have already arrested for committing sexual offences against children.  And they are crossing back two and three times into this country.  And, [Kamala Harris] laughs about it?!”

“I worry about all the children that are going to be thrown into the sex trafficking rings, and this president and vice president do nothing about it.”

Patrick’s statements can, perhaps, be summed up best with these comments:

“We Are Losing Our Country…What the Hell is Going on Down There?!”


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