Earlier today we reported on the crisis at the southern border due to Biden’s progressive globalist policies and the immoral and unconstitutional tragedy it has created of unaccompanied minors whos numbers have surged 92% over last year. Yesterday we reported on a scathing statement by former president Trump as well.  In fact, human trafficking is much more lucrative for drug cartels than drugs, and has become the 2nd most profitable criminal behavior in all of America.

This morning, Donald Trump took to Fox News assail President* Biden’s policies, claiming with evidence that his policies are the worst anyone has ever seen.  He stated numerous times that Biden’s policies were far worse than even socialists like Bernie Sanders’ (who endorsed and supports Biden) and that they would destroy America in short order.  Much of the interview was spent discussing Biden’s Border Crisis which has been raging recently and escalating since it was determined that he would act as the next president.

“They’re going to destroy our country,” exclaimed the president.  “The numbers are so vast, nobody has ever seen anything like it…”

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Trump and the Fox News host cited staggering illegal immigration numbers to back up their claims, showing that the number of single adult illegals is up an astronomical 188%  over last year while unaccompanied minors have seen an unbelievable 92% increase.

Meanwhile, the Biden regime continues to deny that there is a crisis at the border due to his policies, even though the crisis only started once illegal migrants knew of his policies as president.

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What loving parent would send their parent alone to traverse hundreds and perhaps a thousand miles from south and central America?  Who are the people they are travelling with?  The fact is that many and perhaps most illegal alien children travel with non family members, and often with cartel members.  Children, it turns out, go for about $3,200 or more.  And, when illegal migrants cannot pay the cartels because most of them have no money of their own, they basically become slaves to the cartel once they make it into the United States.

Does this sound like a good policy on the part of Biden whose policies have escalated and encouraged the practices?

In the interview, Trump went on to claim that the Biden regime’s policies are “far worse than Bernie Sanders…This is Bernie Sanders on steroids…and you haven’t seen anything yet.”

He also noted that the border was in great shape under his policies.  There was no crisis, then, when people thought Trump would have a second term.

Trump also dismissed the false ‘kids in cages’ narrative pushed by democrats since the ‘cages’ were proven time and again to have been created by Barrack Obama.

But the president’s statements encompassed much more than just the illegal immigration crisis created by Joe Biden at the southern US border.

“The 2nd amendment is going to be obliterated…and big tax increases” are coming, said Trump.  “They’re going to take your guns away” one way or another so you can’t defend yourself from what is to come.

He also discussed Biden’s now-open intent to pack the supreme court, which we discussed earlier this year, as well as other facets of Biden’s policies of American “destruction:”

“You’re going to see packing the courts.  You’re going to see the biggest tax increase in history.  You’re going to see the the second amendment just absolutely obliterated…The green new deal will be put into affect…they’re going to spend a lot of money foolishly…It doesn’t work.”


2020 vs. 2021


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