The governor or New York is under investigation in New York for the completely avoidable deaths of tens of thousands of elderly and an ensuing coverup during his calculated mismanagement of the Wuhan CCP Virus, last year.

Due to his policies, elderly people were shoved and packed into nursing homes rather than being allowed to spend time with family or alone or in proper medical facilities.  Nursing homes are generally not designed to handle viral outbreaks well at all.  They have inadequate ventilation and are not equipped to deal with the issues raised by the CCP Virus.

New York’s widespread mismanagement happened despite the fact that President Donald Trump gave fantastic amounts of aid to New York at Cuomo’s request, which he mostly never bothered to use.  This even included converting entire ships into gigantic make-shift medical facilities.  However, because Cuomo didn’t want to make Trump appear like a good guy and didn’t care about any of the elderly in New York, it is alleged that he simply threw all the elderly into poorly ventilated and equipped nursing homes.  The make-shift medical facilities remained essentially empty as the elderly died.

Now, amid this explosive scandal as well as explosive sexual harassment scandals, Cuomo has been placed in charge of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ calls regarding the Wuhan CCP Virus response in America.

Yes, you read that right.  A man being investigated for the wild mismanagement of the Covid response for the entire state of New York is somehow the most competent man–according to Joe Biden–to lead Whitehouse calls about the entire nation’s Covid response.

Breitbart News Reports:

Embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) has reportedly taken over the leadership of the weekly White House conference calls with the nation’s governors about the coronavirus pandemic, since President Joe Biden does not join them.

Philip Wegmann of RealClearPolitics reported Monday that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have both opted not to join the weekly conference calls with governors, unlike former President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Wegmann’s reporting was confirmed during Monday’s White House press briefing. Press Secretary Jen Psaki demanded to know how many governors he had spoken with, and insisted Biden had never intended to join the calls, despite his pledge a conference call with governors after the election in November that he would work closely with them once he took office.

In addition, Wegmann reported that Gov. Cuomo is now leading the weekly conference calls between the governors and the Biden administration’s coronavirus team, due to his role as head of the National Governors Association:

Andrew Cuomo now leads the calls as chairman of the National Governors Association. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki explained that the New York governor was put in charge instead of the vice president because a change was needed. One of the reasons, Psaki told reporters in March, “is that there were operational aspects of the way the last administration approached COVID and approached the distribution of vaccines or approached planning and engagement with governors that wasn’t working.”

Cuomo has come under severe criticism for his policy of forcing nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients in the early months of the pandemic, when the risk to older people was already well known and  there were alternatives available.

Cuomo’s administration has since been accused of covering up thousands of nursing home deaths. In addition, the governor faces numerous accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior towards colleagues. The New York State Assembly continues to conduct an impeachment investigation, amid calls by leading Democrats from his state for him to resign his office.

Still, the Biden White House has continued to allow Cuomo to lead the nation’s governors, filling in for the absent Biden and Harris.

So, Kamala is in charge of the Border but can’t be bothered to visit it.  And, now she and Biden can’t even be bothered to take calls for what the Democrats say is the most important event in recent history: Covid.  Instead, they pass the workload off onto Andrew Cuomo, who is trusted by almost nobody at this point.

What is going on here?  Is Cuomo being set up as a fall guy for continued mismanagement of the CCP Virus response?  Or, does the Biden Whitehouse really think that Cuomo is the ideal manager of viral outbreaks?

And, if that is the case, what does that say about his judgement and intentions for this country?

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