This is truly a must see….

Bill Maher is a a very strange figure,  especially recently.

He upholds far-left values in many cases, but in other cases he seems to be drifting even into Republican viewpoints.

Sometimes even within the same issue!

That’s what just happened when the topic of abortion came up on his show recently.

Bill made several statements in under one minute that left the audience and the rest of his panel stunned and grasping at a reply.

He said point-blank that the whole narrative of “Republicans hate women” is bogus….spot on, Bill.  We’ve been saying that for years.

He said that whole mantra was simply made up, and he’s right again.

Then he really goes for it and says Republicans don’t hate women, they simply think it’s murder….and it kind of is (his words)!

Then he ends by saying it is murder and it’s just that I’m ok with that!  Quote: “Isn’t that truly the position of people who support abortion?”

The other panel guests appear stunned and unsure how to reply.

NEW: Room goes silent as Bill Maher admits that he thinks abortion is murder but says he is okay with that because “there’s 8 billion people in the world.”


“I scold the left on when they say: ‘oh, you know what, they just hate women. People who aren’t pro-life, they pro-choice.’”

“They don’t hate women. They just made that up. They think it’s murder and it kind of is.”

“I’m just okay with that. I am, I mean there’s 8 billion people in the world. I’m sorry. We won’t miss you. That’s my position on that.”


Backup video here:

This is what I mean by Bill Maher is such a strange figure….

He said several correct statements:

Republicans don’t hate women….

Republicans just view it as murder….

It basically *is* murder….

People who support abortion are just ok with that.

All accurate.

All based.

Then he completely loses it….

It’s the final statement that seems wildly unhinged, when he says it is murder but it’s just that I’m ok with, Maher says!  There are 8 billion people in the world, so killing some unborn babies is ok to him.

Credit for actually saying it, big credit for that.

But what kind of human could truly support murder of babies?

Republicans should NEVER lose on the abortion debate, we’ve just allowed it to be framed wrong for decades.

And credit to Bill Maher for finally framing it correctly for the world to see.

One more video…

Here is Bill Maher saying the same thing on his podcast:

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