We have a breaking news alert this morning that North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum has suspended his campaign and dropped out of the 2024 Republican Primary race for President:

From ABC News:

Doug Burgum is dropping out of the 2024 Republican presidential primary, sources familiar with his decision told ABC News on Monday.

The North Dakota governor had emphasized three key issues on the trail — the economy, energy and national security — but failed to gain traction with GOP voters. He was polling last on the list of major candidates tracked by 538’s national average and did not qualify for the most recent primary debate.

The Citizen Free Press referred to the effort as “millions spent on a vanity campaign” and that may be accurate:

Others asked the perhaps obvious question: WHO?

Meanwhile, I saw this and couldn’t help but get major DeNiro vibes….

Anyone ever see these two guys in the same room at the same time?

The Burgum campaign released this statement:

Full transcript:


Burgum Campaign Announcement

Governor Doug Burgum released the following statement announcing he is suspending his campaign for President:

“We launched our campaign for President on June 7 clear-eyed about our mission: bring a business leader and proven governor’s voice to the fight for the best of America. We are a nation built on freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility. A nation where neighbors help neighbors, and where innovation, not regulation, lifts us all to reach our highest potential. We remain committed to improving the lives of every American by moving America 180 degrees in the opposite direction of Joe Biden on three critical issues – the economy, energy, and national security.

Who should drop out next?

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