Jeep ran an ad promoting “unity” on Super Bowl Sunday featuring the aging rocker, Bruce Springsteen, who’s made no secret about his hatred for President Trump. Three days later, Jeep pulled the controversial ad after discovering the radical leftist musician had been recently arrested and charged with a DWI in his home state of New Jersey.

The Statement of Probable Cause from Springsteen’s arrest reveals that he admitted to drinking two tequila shots in twenty minutes. According to the report, Springsteen had glassy eyes, smelled of alcohol, and was visibly swaying while taking a sobriety test. Springsteen failed several elements of two separate field sobriety tests and refused to take a breathalyzer test.

The New York Post shared a copy of the statement along with the name of the arresting officer.

Rumors about how Springsteen only blew a .02 on the breathalyzer were running rampant on social media. Many were calling for the arresting officer to be doxxed. 

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Springsteen E-Band member Stevie Van Zandt appeared to agree, as he retweeted a comment made by “Tom,” a Twitter user with ONE follower, who suggested the Sopranos mob character Silvio Dante needs to put a hit on the NJ cop who arrested Springsteen (the Boss) for blowing a 0.02?

“I think Silvio needs to put out a contract on him,” Tom (the probably a bot) wrote.

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Van Zandt retweeted his comment with what appears to be a nod, “I hear that,” he said, adding, “Totally unbelievable.”

Why is Twitter allowing this tweet to remain on their platform while removing people like My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell and his My Pillow Twitter account for daring to question the November election results? 

Moments before the angry E-band member tweeted his support for putting a hit on the NJ officer who arrested Springsteen, Van Zandt got into an argument with Twitter user Lance Morgan, who argued that Senators should not be able to make impeachment vote private, he wrote: They serve, officially in the public trust. We need to know how they vote so we can determine if we want to vote for them or against them.

Van Zandt replied, asking him, “Are you a moron?”

Van Zandt then made an incredible statement that still appears on Twitter, “The idea here is to disappear the guy [Trump]forever.”

Disappear him forever???

Van Zandt explains why our US [Republican] Senators or, as he calls them, “scumbag cowards” won’t convict Trump, “is because their inbred base will see how they voted.”

RF Golden had the perfect response, as he reminded the aging rocker that over 70 million Americans that he calls “inbreds” support Trump and added, “I suspect you are too much of ‘moron’ to realize that.” He ended his tweet with the hashtag: #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica. Van Zandt retweeted his comment with a vulgar reply, consistent with his level of anger and hatred for anyone who disagrees with him.

Does anyone else find it curious that even when the Democrats find a way to install a dementia patient in the White House who they can bend to their will, they’re still the angriest people in America?

Why is that?

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