In the great pantheon of corporate slip-ups, it seems like NASCAR has just penned their own chapter.

Remember the days when corporations focused on what they did best?

Making their products, catering to their audience, and avoiding the political potholes on the road?

Oh, those golden times!

NASCAR, in its wisdom, has decided to dip its toes into the ever-turbulent waters of politics, and from the looks of it, they’ve done a cannonball right into the deep end.

Suspending a driver, Noah Gragson, indefinitely for simply liking a meme?

That’s the hill they’ve chosen to die on?

Legacy Motor Club’s original decision to suspend Gragson for two races might have been deemed ‘reasonable’ by some.

Still, NASCAR’s choice to take it several notches up by suspending him indefinitely seems a touch extreme.

What message is being sent here?

That a mere ‘like’ on social media is equivalent to some severe breach of a code of conduct?

What’s happening to our sense of proportion?

Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and corporations have the right to uphold their brand values.

But there’s a fine line between upholding values and stepping onto the soapbox to preach.

As the aftermath unfolds and fans rally behind Gragson, calling for a Bud Light-style boycott, it’s becoming crystal clear that the audience doesn’t want their favorite brands sermonizing.


They want them to do what they do best: run races, make products, and entertain.

So, to all the corporations out there: maybe it’s time to step out of the pulpit and get back to the pit stop.

The road’s clear, just drive!

The Daily Caller reports:

NASCAR … you know you done screwed up, right?

After driver Noah Gragson was suspended indefinitely for liking a meme mocking George Floyd, and then eventually let go by Legacy Motor Club, fans are now calling for a Bud Light-style boycott of NASCAR.

Originally, Legacy Motor Club announced that Gragson would be suspended for two races — Indianapolis and Watkins Glen — with Mike Rockenfeller taking his place in the No. 42 car. Legacy Motor Club stated that Gragson’s social media action did not “represent the values of our team.”

After the initial suspension from Legacy Motor Club, NASCAR then made the move to suspend Gragson indefinitely, claiming that he violated the company’s code of conduct.

Gragson was then let go by Legacy Motor Club.

Now, fans (and a ton of them) are claiming NASCAR has gone woke — because it has.

Oh, the irony!

The corporate elites are at it again, trying to sermonize and take the moral high ground.

You know, those same elites that love to label Middle America as ‘uneducated’ while they keep tripping over their own two feet in a clumsy race to be the most ‘woke’.

Seriously? Suspending a racer over a social media action?

It feels like they’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Instead of focusing on the road, they’re too busy checking their rearview mirror, concerned about the “optics” and political correctness.

It’s almost laughable!

And yet, the echoes of ‘Go Woke, Go Broke’ keep growing louder.

Bud Light learned it the hard way.

You’d think others would’ve taken note, but alas!

Fans are tired.

They don’t want sermons; they want races.


They want the thrill of the chase, the roar of the engines, and the excitement of the track.

Newsweek confirms that boycott calls are going viral:

In a statement posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, Legacy Motor Club announced: “Road Course Veteran Mike Rockenfeller to pilot the LEGACY MOTOR CLUB No. 42 Sunseeker Resort Chevrolet at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course and Watkins Glen.”

On August 5, Gragson reposted an earlier Legacy Motor Club statement on X which announced his suspension and admitted he had “messed up plain and simple.”

Newsweek has reached out via email to Legacy Motor Club and Gragson for comment.

The suspension has seen a number of racing fans call for a Bud Light-style boycott of NASCAR, with many saying the actions of its officials have shown the sport to be woke.

One X user issued a rallying call to race fans: “BOYCOTT Nascar! Let’s BUD LIGHT the hell out of them!”

Another added: “Support the sport on the right and boycott @NASCAR.”

While a third posted on X: “Boycott @NASCAR they have gone woke.”

The call for a Bud Light-style boycott of NASCAR isn’t just a passing whim; it’s a message.

A message to all those brands that think they can score brownie points by preaching to the masses.

Well, guess what?

The masses are preaching back.

And from the sounds of it, they’re loud and clear: stick to racing, leave the sermons at the church door.

NASCAR, Legacy Motor Club, are you listening?

Because the fans sure are.

And their wallets are ready to do the talking.

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