In the world of politics and high-profile scandals, the divide between public image and private reality is often blurry.

Now, we are left to ponder what this means for a key player in the ongoing saga of the First Son, Hunter Biden.

His attorney, Kevin Morris, was recently spotted in a setting that raises more questions than it answers.

As you’re well aware, Hunter Biden’s struggles with addiction have been documented extensively and he recently pleaded guilty to federal tax crimes.

He’s been surrounded by a team of advisors and lawyers, ostensibly helping him navigate the troubled waters.

However, new evidence reveals a startling sight – an intimate snapshot of his attorney seemingly indulging in a way that parallels Hunter’s own infamous behaviors.

In an exclusive set of photos obtained by, we see Morris, a seasoned Hollywood attorney known for his aggressive courtroom tactics, in a state of casual relaxation that may raise eyebrows.

He is seen on his balcony in full view of the public, seemingly taking a drag from a white bong.

See it below for yourself:

What does this mean for Hunter, for Morris, and for the ongoing legal proceedings?

What substance was being smoked?

Does this sight impact our understanding of the legal advice given to the First Son?

Let’s hear what the Daily Mail has to say:

Hunter Biden visited his ‘sugar brother’ Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris – who was photographed appearing to smoke from a bong.

The First Son took a trip from his Malibu pad to the Pacific Palisades on Thursday to visit his attorney, after agreeing to plead guilty to federal tax crimes last month.

While Hunter was at the house, Morris was snapped on a balcony in plain view of the public street appearing to huff from a white bong, in photos exclusively obtained by

Seeing his attorney rip from a bong could bring unwanted flashbacks for the First Son, who photographed and videoed himself using copious amounts of drugs including crack cocaine on weeks-long benders for years, material from his abandoned laptop shows.


One of the criminal charges against Hunter is lying on a 2018 federal gun form that he was not an illicit drug user, when he admitted in his memoir to being a crack addict.

It is not clear what substance was in Morris’s bong, and recreational marijuana use is legal in California. He did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The 60-year-old Hollywood attorney is known for his hard-driving tactics and high-profile cases, but appeared relaxed on the sunny balcony in a purple short-sleeved shirt.

What exactly transpired during this meeting?

And why was Morris spotted engaging in an activity so starkly reminiscent of Hunter’s troubled past?

New information emerging about the Biden family’s alleged ties with a Ukrainian gas company owner further complicates the narrative.

According to a “highly credible” informant, both Hunter and his father were supposedly caught up in a questionable “pay-for-play” scheme with substantial implications.

Could there be any truth to these allegations?

What do the FBI’s findings reveal?

And most importantly, how does this implicate the Bidens?

Radar Online provides more details:

Hunter Biden’s not the only one who appeared stressed before a report circulated that claimed the FBI corroborated details about his alleged bribery scheme with Ukrainian gas company owner Mykola Zlochevsky. Hours before the latest claims made headlines on Friday, President Joe Biden’s troubled son rushed to his lawyer Kevin Morris’ fancy Pacific Palisades pad. The meeting must have been stressful because Morris was spotted ripping his bong outside on his balcony as the former addict made his exit, can reveal.

As this outlet reported, a “highly credible” informant told the FBI that Hunter and his father were allegedly involved in a criminal “pay-for-play” bribery scheme with a foreign national that influenced U.S. policy decisions. The insider claimed they were both paid $5 million each “through so many different bank accounts.”

The FBI has allegedly corroborated parts of the informant’s allegations in 2020, reported Daily Mail, citing a source close to the federal probe.

I don’t know about you, but that theory makes a lot of sense.

What do you think?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Is there something that we missed?

Or do you agree with our analysis?


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