During the 2020 election fraud fiasco, when America and Michigan needed him the most, MI Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and fellow RINO, Lee Chatfield, the former Republican Speaker, refused to do anything to prevent the unconscionable alleged fraud that occurred during the 2020 election.  In fact, they went out of their way to denounce the president’s claims. So adamant were they to subvert the constitutional rule of law that they actually penned a letter together dismissing President Trump openly at a time when their party was desperate for their leadership to finally stand up in solidarity with them.

In this 2019 file photo, Amber McCann, spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, is pictured standing behind Shirkey. McCann is departing Shirkey’s staff for a new role in Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office. (Lauren Gibbons | MLive)

Now that the election is over with Biden fully installed as President*, Shirkey has served his elite globalist masters (or at least bent the knee to them).  So, he is willing to commit to a partial rhetorical truth about some of the controversy surrounding the election while not really having to take any kind of action to back it up.   In this way, he believes he can have his cake and eat it, too: please the anti-American globalist establishment and then pretend to be conservative for a while in order to win over conservatives who forget about how he devastated them in 2020.

To that end, he was recently caught on video admitting that the events at the Capitol on January 6th were “preplanned” and a “hoax” in which people were shuttled in on separate busses from the Trump supporters from somewhere else.  He was alluding to the fact that numerous anti-American non-Trump supporting groups like Antifa and BLM were videotaped multiple times and photographed at the unrest and seem to have instigated the entire thing and participated in it.  He even admits that Mitch McConnell had to have been involved because He and Pelosi would have been in charge of adequately securing the building and city that day.

Shirkey was not saying the event did not happen.

Shirkey’s admissions about the unrest at the capitol on January 6th, while a breath of fresh air, mean nothing at this point.  In the video, he still denies that any of the evidence in the alleged 2020 election fraud amounts to anything.

After the video emerged, he apologized publicly but then appeared to double-down in a conspicuously secretive fashion that made sure the audience could hear him.

Amid the fallout from these statements, Shirkey’s Deputy Chief of Staff and spokeswoman, Amber McCann, has jumped ship after being a republican staffer since 2006.

This is frightening because she left a weasel-like Shirkey but because she has now joined Michigan’s dirty Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel.  Nessel–along with her far-left Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, has been working hard against conservatives and free speech in Michigan.  Benson has been “deliberately and deceitfully misleading” as she stonewalls lawful and completed petitions regarding unconstitutional powers being abused by Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer.  Nessel has been criminally threatening lawmakers, criminally threatening election whistleblowers, and threatening the one lawyer in Michigan (and perhaps the entire country) who has been able to get an actual forensic audit of election machines from the 2020 election.  Of course, the results from that audit have also been blocked by the two, as well.  So, only discussions of some of the audit results have been seen, not the data logs from the machines and servers themselves.  Those logs are absolutely necessary to prove election fraud in the machines definitively.

But, Michigan Constitutional lawyer Matthew DePerno, is not the only one with sensitive data due to investigations into the 2020 election.  And, this is where Amber McCann’s career change becomes most problematic for conservatives and for investigatory integrity.

The Republican-controlled Michigan Legislature issued subpoenas last year for a lot of election-related evidence.  According to the documents, on January 12th, the legislature was to have received all of this data.  Much of this data has not necessarily been released to the public.  It presumably would contain a lot of sensitive information regarding the 2020 election and the alleged massive fraud that went along with it.  Now, the deputy chief of staff to a top Michigan Republican Senator–who has no doubt seen all of this data and perhaps made copies–is working for Democrats who seek to destroy any investigation into alleged election fraud.

Do you think any of that sensitive information will end up in the hands of Dana Nessel or her lap dog, Jocelyn Benson, who may be implicated by that information?

It seems impossible that this wouldn’t happen.

What do you think they offered McCann for her traitorous move? Was she a traitor all along?

Do you see a conflict of interest here?  What are the implications?  Can it possibly end well for Michigan or America?

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