Biden’s blank, confused stare and regular public blunders over the past two years make it clear that the bewildered man should be planning to spend 2024 in a care facility, not behind the United States Presidential desk. As Biden made his re-election announcement this week, Republicans were quick to respond with claims that he did not have the mental capacity to serve for another four years as President. The problem for Biden & Harris is that few Democrats are even in favor of a second run. Biden has shown symptoms of dementia, and Harris is as widely unpopular as she was when she polled at 3% of the Democrat vote during the 2019 primaries.

This begs the question, is a vote for Biden in 2024 really a vote for Kamala Harris to be President? The polls say no, but CNN’s Van Jones says yes. Few are regular CNN watchers and may not be familiar with alt-leftist Van Jones. The CNN contributor, a previous advisor to President Obama, believes that Harris is aiming at the presidency, saying Harris “is running alongside the oldest person to ever do it, so she’s essentially running for president.”


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When the matter of Joe Biden’s physical ability was discussed on “CNN Primetime,” Jones confirmed a vote for Biden would be a vote for Harris. Jones said,

“She is in such an unusual position; she’s a woman,” he continued, “She’s black. She’s Asian. And she’s running alongside the oldest person to ever do it. “So she’s essentially running for president. That’s what she’s doing. And I think people understand that.”

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According to a Western Journal, CNN host Michael Smerconish who discussed the situation with Jones regarding a vote for Biden being a vote for Harris had this to say about the unpopular Vice President,

“Harris is a decent person, but she’s a drag on the ticket. I just had that conversation with Van Jones. I think she has got to up her game, or that will end up being the case.”

GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley shares the same opinion and gave her perspective in a Fox News interview,

“If you vote for Joe Biden, you are really counting on a President Harris. Because the idea that he would make it until 86 years old is not something that I think is likely,” she stated.

So, is Joe Biden, a Trojan horse for an ill-suited Kamala Harris presidency? Harris now has personnel trying to help her improve her image as Biden launches his campaign run. According to political correspondent Alex Thompson,
“There’s zero chance Biden will replace Harris on the ticket.” He continued noting that Biden’s launch video heavily featured Harris in an attempt to improve her public image.


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