It seems that Pew Research, once a reasonable organization for polling and statistical data, has been overrun by Marxists just like every other institution who has hired brainwashed generations of university grads infected with the Critical Race Theory brain prion.

A recent Pew research poll last week reported on by The Hill showed that Biden had an astonishing 59% approval rating.

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This approval rating is astonishing because he is demonstrably the most disliked president in YouTube history.  Why else would YouTube have to cover for him by deleting dislikes on his videos?  Why would he have to turn off comments on his videos where no president, including President Trump ever event thought to do so?  Why else would nobody attend his gloomy eerie inauguration dirge straight out of Hunger Games?  Why else would The Whitehouse YouTube account have had to delist and hide its own inauguration video from search results?  And, why else would Biden let a voice in his head tell him what to do and trip up the stairs…three times?

Even when out of office, President Trump still trounces the viewership and likability of Biden when real live data is considered.

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But, Pew Research still wants America to believe that Biden has a 59% approval rating–similar to the numbers of Obama and Bush before him at this time and better than Trump’s supposed numbers at the same time in his first term.  Is this an effort to hoodwink the American public into accepting even more…irregularities…in the 2022 and 2024 elections?

Here is how Pew research is faking its results: Vastly Oversampling democrats by 31% compared to Republicans (3253 Democrat vs. only 1706 for Republican out of a total of 5109 surveyed).

Then, when weighting the results by whatever algorithm they used, they STILL overweight the Democrats by 9% over Republicans, giving Republicans only 43% while giving Democrats 52%.

Do you trust these pollsters?  Do you trust any pollsters?

Perhaps the bottom line is that, for now at least, if you want a real barometer of how Biden is doing, go to  None of these establishment institutions can seem to be trusted any more.

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