After the media conditioned American’s to believe the lie that Trump supporters were violent insurrectionists, only Antifa/BLM show up to riot after Biden’s inauguration to commit vandalism and violence.  Only NPR listeners would be surprised by this.


Antifa/BLM Rioters in Portland on 1/20/2021


Four years of accelerating violence and chaos instigated by Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’ Antifa and BLM culminated in a 7-month assault on our progressive American cities following the death of drug addict and violent criminal George Floyd who once robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint and was high on a lethal cocktail of drugs that may have caused breathing problems.

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Tear gas fills the air in Portland during Antifa/BLM riots following Joe Biden’s inauguration as president


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The left turned his death into a rallying cry and used him as a martyr.  The Harris/Biden campaign once called such riots “essential” and financially supported them by promoting and funding the release of rioters in order to destroy Trump’s economy and associate the instability and violence around the country caused by the with Trump–who never called for or supported violence.


Now, with Harris/Biden having fully stolen the election that President Trump won in a legitimate landslide according to mountains of data, the new 4-year cycle of vicious insurrectionist leftist attacks is now upon us. Antifa helped destroy Trump and get Biden elected, but now it is time for the next phase as they continue terrorize and occupy the cities they infect.  This includes the precious federal buildings they have been whaling about since January 6th 2021.  Above, another  U.S. courthouse has been vandalized by leftists, but the media does not care.

The end goal of these riots extends well beyond Biden, who is just a senile stepping stone to the chaos to come.  There will be no outrage from the press blaming Biden for these riots, of course, just as there was no outrage at Harris/Biden when Antifa, Boogaloo Bois, and BLM infiltrated over a million rally-goers in Washington DC on January 6th and caused the majority of the chaos at the Capitol building.  There will be no affected whaling by media and politicians about insurrection and sedition, despite federal state and local government buildings being besieged, destroyed, and occupied, including courthouses and police stations throughout most of 2020.


It also includes Democrat headquarter buildings, since Antifa needs to accelerate the destruction beyond just Republicans in order to properly collapse America.





Instead, we will be told to ignore these riots.  And, we will be told to listen to and empathize the protesters as our country is reduced to ruins by 2030, just in time for China and the UN to overtake us.  In the meantime, will millionaires and billionaires continue to sell their stocks at all time highs and buy up all the land and  farmland, and city real estate that have conveniently lowered in price since the riots they started?



How long will honest law-abiding constitutional Americans stand by and accept what is clearly a corporatist quasi-communist takeover of The West that follows the same playbook as the Bolshevik revolution and other color revolutions of the past?



These people want absolute revolution and absolute power and authority.  They do not care if it is violent and they do not care about your lives or your freedoms.  They are human farmers, and you are their cattle to be herded and corralled, or put down if you refuse their technocratic form of bondage.

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