“Trump Won” banners have graced MLB ballparks all summer long. The sight of the graceful, unfurling banners have been a reassuring signal to all patriots that the fraud committed against our country, our citizens, and our president will not be forgotten and we are NOT going to move on.

Other than those who are cognitively compromised, all Americans know who really won in November. Even people that voted for Biden know that Donald Trump really won.

Yankee stadium was treated to a gigantic “Trump Won” banner in May. The same week New York Mets fans cheered as a giant “Trump Won” banner was unfurled.

Fans, players, and park staff cheered as banner-man struck at Fenway Park in June, and the phenomenon continues in August where fans of the Arizona Diamondbacks got a visual reminder of who our real president is.

This week, a Trump Pride – Save America banner was unfurled at a Tampa Bay Rays Pride game. Unlike all the other rainbow flags, balloons and signage, it appears only the Trump Pride banner was not allowed, as security quickly snatched it from the hands of patriots who unfurled it from the upper-deck seats.

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Apparently, only leftist pride is allowed in Biden’s America.

The pride crowd hung their flags and banners, but since ours said “Trump Pride” it was quickly removed.

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America-haters can grab flags from our hands but they can’t remove the love and pride patriots hold in their hearts for her.

Take comfort in knowing that there are more Americans who love this beautiful and blessed country than Democrats those who hate her.

And We. Are. Everywhere.

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