Despite all the charges they have brought against him since he left the White House, President Trump’s popularity is at an all-time high.

The 45th President currently leads all Republican challengers in the polls and he is currently ahead of Joe Biden as well.

Trump’s campaign got another boost this week when Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin announced his intention to vote for the Republican nominee.

From CNBC:

Virginia Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin on Wednesday said he would support Donald Trump if the former president is the party’s 2024 presidential nominee. He stopped short of endorsing Trump in the GOP primary, where Trump leads the field by more than 45 points.

“Listen, he and I have different styles, but his policies were effective and they worked,” Youngkin said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”


A rising Republican star from a purple state, Youngkin reportedly considered entering the 2024 presidential race himself. He ultimately decided against it.

Now, as Trump racks up endorsements from Republican senators and governors, Youngkin remains hesitant to embrace his party’s divisive leader. Trump endorsed Youngkin’s successful run for governor in 2021.

Youngkin downplayed concerns that Trump would seek “retribution” if he were handed a second term, suggesting history and tradition would insulate American democracy.

“We didn’t have kings, we didn’t have dictators, and God bless George Washington for recognizing that and stepping down after two terms and establishing the role of the presidency,” Youngkin said. “This is what America was built on, and this is what I think America will do going forward.”

The former president and current Republican primary front-runner in recent weeks has vowed to be his supporters’ “retribution” and to be a dictator on “Day 1″ if reelected.

Asked to respond to Langone’s criticisms, Youngkin instead praised Trump for his political results.

“I think what we saw during President Trump’s term was that he literally governed in a way that delivered good policy outcomes,” Youngkin said. “There was a great economy, we had a secure border, we understood what projecting strength around the world meant. That’s the way he governed before.”

Watch the full interview:

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