Members of a sorority at the University of Wyoming are suing the school for admitting a transgender woman into their house who was seen multiple times secretly watching them and was caught doing so with an erection at least once.

Seven unnamed sorority sisters in Kappa Kappa Gamma have filed a lawsuit against the school and against the transgender sorority member, 21-year-old Artemis Langford, who joined their chapter in September 2022.

Langford, a 6’2″, 260lb transgender woman, will be allowed to move into the KKG sorority house next semester. However, many girls feel uneasy about this because, since joining the sorority, Langford has allegedly been spending a lot of time inside their sorority house watching the sorority sisters. At least once, Langford has been caught watching them with an erection.

“An adult human male does not become a woman just because he tells others that he has a female ‘gender identity’ and behaves in what he believes to be a stereotypically female manner,” the lawsuit said.

Artemis Langford

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“The Fraternity Council has betrayed the central purpose and mission of Kappa Kappa Gamma by conflating the experience of being a woman with the experience of men engaging in behavior generally associated with women,” it added.

The lawsuit also claims that Langford “has, while watching members enter the sorority house, had an erection visible through his leggings. Other times, he has had a pillow in his lap.”

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Sorority members have also accused Langford of taking pictures of them at a slumber party and, although he was supposed to leave by 10 pm, stayed until midnight. Langford then returned early in the morning and stood in the corner watching the sorority members change out of their pajamas.

One of the sorority members who hadn’t realized Langford had returned to the room, had begun changing and, when her top was removed, turned to see Langford staring at her with “his hands over his genitals,” appearing sexually aroused.

According to the lawsuit, Langford also asked the sorority members inappropriate questions, such as “what vaginas look like, breast cup size, whether women were considering breast reductions and birth control.”

Sorority members also claim that Langford is attracted to women, which is proven by his Tinder account on which he “seeks to meet women.”

Langford neither dresses like a woman nor identifies as one on his Washington State driver’s license, even though the state provides the option to legally do so.

The lawsuit also alleges that sorority members were intimidated into voting to admit Langford into their sorority, being told that if they vote no, “it better be for issues with that new member or else it’s homophobic.”

They were also told during the voting process, “If you have something to say about this that isn’t kind or respectful, keep it to yourself.”

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