Tensions reached a fever pitch at a California meeting to discuss reparations this week as activists berated members of California’s Department of Justice.

The meeting was the last meeting that the California DoJ had after a series of meetings where the state is weighing cash payments to descendants of slavery and members of their state’s African-American community.

Last month, members of the panel recommended to the state of California that state legislators allocate funds to pay reparations to Black people in the state.

The price tag could shake out to be over $1.2 trillion to satisfy the demands of the reparations panel.

When the panel opened up to public comment, tensions flared as some attendees said that $1.2 trillion in reparations was not enough.


“Don’t treat us like no cheap piece of meat!” One man yelled at the task force as he advocated for a ‘national divorce’ between African Americans and the United States.

After the man who claimed to lead a ‘1619 Party’ spoke, another speaker rallied attendees to stand up and demand reparations immediately.

What do we want?” He asked.  “Reparations!” The crowd yelled back.  “When?” He asked in response.   “Now!” They said.

California is the first state to consider paying black residents reparations as several prominent politicians, such as Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma.) have advocated for adopting a nationwide reparations policy.

FOX News Reports

Several of the attendees at the California Department of Justice’s final Reparations Task Force meeting created a scene during the public comment section of the event Thursday, demanding reparations from the board.

Several excited California residents took advantage of their opportunity to address the board directly, yelling into the mic that the time for reparations is “now!”

One encouraged the crowd in attendance to raise their fists and chant their desires for restitution, while another stood up and screamed for a “divorce” settlement of sorts between Black Americans and the rest of the country.

The Reparations Task Force meeting this week represented the final one in a series of public events facilitating discussions between California residents and state officials about establishing potential restitution for perceived inequality between African Americans.

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