Wearing a mask outside during a diplomatic meeting with the maskless leader of another country is almost as embarrassing as showing up to a wedding with a dress identical to another guest.

In full denial of the science, vaccinated Kamala Harris greats the Mexican president wearing a black mask.

You never know the expectations of other countries and their leaders. But Kamala manages to anticipate their mask preferences wrong on 2 out of 2 occasions. Guatemalan President, Alejandro Giammattei, reminded Ms. Harris to put on her mask at the end of their recent presser, as she walked away from the podium in an effort to join him for the exit. [See video at 38:08]

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It would be nice if our elected leaders would come to an agreement when attempting to virtue signal. Either the vaccinations work and (useless) masks are unnecessary, or vaccinations don’t work and therefore (useless) masks should be worn forevermore.

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