“The Real Deal,” a book that explores the “real Trump” has just been released.  One of the book’s authors, George A. Sorial, is a longtime Trump Organization executive and former counsel for the president. Co-author Damian Bates is a former newspaper editor who has covered Trump for years.

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In “The Real Deal,” that is now available at Amazon, George A. Sorial and Damian Bates, explain the forty-fifth president’s business and political strategies in detail. Often what looks complicated is just a man giving the people what he wants. For instance, why would Trump run for president, when winning would be a financial disaster for him? He was forced to set aside his TV contracts and international expansion, costing him hundreds of millions of dollars. The answer is: because everyone he talked to wanted him to run to make America great again.

Author George Sorial is pictured on the right, with President Trump in the White House. Co-author Damian Bates is on President Trump’s left.

According to the Daily Mail – “The Real Deal” reveals how staff at Donald Trump’s real estate company are taking guns to work for their own protection because they are being physically attacked during their commute.

Employees of The Trump Organization are so scared for their safety that being armed is the only way they feel safe, a longtime top executive claims in his new book, The Real Deal: My Decade Fighting Battles and Winning Wars with Trump by George A. Sorial who has been an executive with the Trump Organization since 2006.

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After Representative Maxine Waters put out a call, asking her supporters to confront anyone attached to President Trump for daring to appear in a public space, the number of threats against anyone tied to Trump or accused of supporting him, increased.

In February, during an interview on CNN with Dana Bash, White House Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway revealed how she was attacked by a woman in a restaurant while dining with her teenage daughters and a few of her teenage friends.

Beth Inabinett, the 63-year-old Maryland woman who attacked Conway faces federal charges. Inabinett is the wife of a a former executive vice president of Discovery.com. In her LinkedIn profile, she describes herself as a former ‘Alinsky-style community organizer.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), who openlys supports President Trump was violently beaten by a next-door neighbor. The attacker, 59-year-old Rene Boucher is an anesthesiologist and pain specialist. Boucher, a registered Democrat left Senator Rand Paul with potentially life threatening injuries. Paul’s five broken ribs and lung contusions kept him in the hospital for an extended period of time.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who is also a supporter of President Trump, was chased out of a D.C. restaurant where he was eating dinner with his wife, by a group of leftist Antifa thugs.

In his book, Sorial reveals that Trump haters have tried to shut down the Trump Organization by making fake bookings at its hotels and then canceling them.

Sorial has worked for the Trump Organization since 2006 as executive vice president and counsel, and his book makes it clear he is in the president’s camp,

In The Real Deal, the author claims that in person the President is ‘polite and soft-spoken’.

As Sorial sees it Trump is not the impetuous man-child that his critics claim, he just has an ‘underlying desire to show people why he is right and they are wrong’

In ‘The Real Deal’, Sorial writes that anti-Trump activists are trying to ‘destroy’ the Trump Organization while the President serves his country in the Oval Office.

Sorial said that 10-year-old son of one Trump Organization staffer came home to tell his parents he had been bullied because of their links to the President.

Another boy was abused online because his mother works for the Trump Organization.

Sorial calls the people making these comments ‘cowards’ and says that carrying a gun is the only way he feels safe.

He writes: ‘I will never leave home without my trusted Glock, and I’m not the only one who considers a firearm and absolute necessity. Thank God for the Second Amendment’.

In the book, Sorial paints a colorful portrait of Trump and says he loves hot dogs and eating meatloaf at his desk.

The President is so detail obsessed that he once supposedly noticed a single branch had been cut from an oak tree at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach and rebuked the groundskeeper.

During a visit to his golf course in Turnberry, Scotland, Trump and his son Eric supposedly spent two hours putting up paintings themselves until 1 am.

Trump didn’t actually do any heavy lifting and directed others but he was like a ‘kid at Christmas’ while guests ‘stopped and stared’.

Yesterday, a video was circulating of a man who got out of his vehicle at a traffic light in California and proceeded to threaten a group of peaceful Trump supporters standing on a sidewalk. In the video, the man can be seen spitting in the face of a pro-Trump woman for walking to his next victim where he threatened them with violence while shouting expletives and racist names.

Should people who work for the Trump organization be forced to arm themselves against their fellow Americans? Is this really the kind of America, our founders envisioned? Do members of the Democrat Party want to be tied to the party of violence and hatred for anyone whose views they disagree with?

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