Seven people have been killed, and six more are injured after the driver of a Range Rover plowed into a crowd standing outside of a migrant shelter in the border town of Brownsville, Texas. The individuals were standing near a bus stop when the vehicle blew through a red light and careened into the large crowd.

The accident happened at about 8:30 am on Sunday morning.

Authorities have not yet confirmed whether or not the driver intentionally drove into the crowd or if it was an accident. Witnesses said the driver, who was arrested, was uncooperative. Police were testing him to see if he was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

The Daily Mail reports – Filmed early Sunday, the clip was released by a local congressman hours after the crash – with the driver now in custody after an eighth victim was confirmed dead on Sunday evening.

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The snippet starts seconds before the moment of impact, where a group of at least 17 can be seen sitting on the curb or standing waiting at the stop outside the Ozanam Center, which houses homeless migrants.


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Suddenly, the unnamed motorist in a Range Rover comes into the frame, hurtling toward the group at frightening speeds. The footage – which the has chosen to censor due to its graphic nature – then shows the crowd being obliterated by the more than a two-and-half ton vehicle, which cops said had run a red light.

Witnesses say the person driving the SUV is a Hispanic man who could be heard shouting profanities at the crowd of people as he plowed the Range Rover into them.

The suspected driver of the vehicle that plowed into a crowd of people is arrested.

Compounding people’s suspicions that the strike was premeditated is the fact it happened three days before a Trump-era immigration restriction making it harder for migrants to seek asylum in the US is set to expire.

Dubbed Title 42, the pandemic-era policy allowed border patrol agents to swiftly return migrants to their home countries – something particularly relevant to residents of the Southern Texas city, which is 95 percent Hispanic and Latino.

Set less than two miles from the Mexican border; the town is set to see a rise in immigration in the coming weeks, once the Trump-era restrictions are lifted.

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