Despite The Biden Regime trying to cover it up, there is a massive and intentionally induced border crisis due to Biden’s policies.  More and more people are waking up to this as even the legacy press is now being allowed to ask Biden questions about what is going on in his clandestine migrant facilities.

Kamala Harris recently laughed at the idea of visiting the border in the immediate future amid the truly unprecedented surging border crisis induced by her administration.

In light of all this, and following Ted Cruz’s recent border visit, President Donald Trump was on Judge Jeanine’s Fox News show to discuss many topics.  When immigration was discussed, Trump made it very clear that he intends to keep highlighting Biden’s accelerating crisis at the border.

“They should finish the wall immediately,” said Trump. “I have such respect for the border patrol and ICE,” said the former president.  And, as he watches them be completely devastated and humiliated by the Biden Regime, Trump said that he “owes it” to them to visit the border “within the next few weeks” because the flood of illegal immigrants is swiftly “going to destroy our country.”

In the clip, below, Trump can also be heard discussing the insulting treatment of Biden’s America by China at Biden’s groveling Alaska summit last week.

“I’ve never seen China disrespect this country like they did last week,” said the president.

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