Conservative anger has not lifted even after Bud Light fired the VP of marketing, which pushed for a partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, a chronic attention seeker; the 25-year-old biological man gained attention for his theatrical social media posts. Actor and social media figure Dylan Mulvaney became a TikTok star by documenting his transition into “girlhood,” acting out offensive stereotypes about women and making a mockery of their gender. His recent partnerships with large companies like Bud Light, Nike, and Olay have infuriated many who don’t believe that, by doing insulting impressions of women, he has earned the right to such lucrative sponsorship deals.
Yet despite the immediate loss of business and offending women, other companies have also endorsed Mulvaney. Makeup brand Maybelline  partnered with Mulvaney for a recent makeup ad which was designed to celebrate Mulvaney’s gender transition and promote Maybelline. The brand hired Mulvaney to star in a video featuring a makeup application, which was also posted to his TikTok account last month. The Boycott against Maybelline has officially kicked off, sparking a major backlash from conservative consumers.
Twitter users criticized the brand, “Maybelline was founded in 1915. The first product was coal dust and Vaseline to make eyelashes look longer. Hah! Junk makeup even back them. I’d say boycott Maybelline, but who under 80 uses that crap? Marketing to drag queens is their only market.”


Another user said, “Man, Dylan Mulvaney is now representing Maybelline. Guess you didn’t hear about Bud Light @Maybelline. You know what to do, Natural Born Women. Boycott Maybelline.”

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Americans who are not rushing in to drink the kool aide recognize how offensive it is to females to feature women’s products using biological men as the models. Mulvaney’s latest stunt has angered many.
Oli London, a British detransition activist, shared Mulvaney’s video to Twitter and mocked it using Maybelline’s famous slogan. He tweeted, “Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline. The new face of Maybelline, ladies!”
Another Twitter user retweeted London reminding women that Maybelline owns a large line-up of cosmetic companies that should also be boycotted.

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While Influencer and commentator “Conservative Momma” tweeted that Maybelline’s stunt was disrespectful, “So no more @Maybelline. Supporting womanface is degrading and offensive to real women.”




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