We recently reported that the Biden Administration refuses to admit that there is a horrible immigration crisis at the American border with Mexico.  The crisis is a product of Biden Administration policies.  It had been reversed under the Trump administration.  Now, instead of updating their policies to produce better results for America and for the illegal aliens as President Trump’s policies did, Biden’s policies simply block access to reporters and attorneys, deny the existence of a crisis, and blame Trump for the problem they have created.

AOC whaling at a fence photo op somewhere outside a migrant detention center during the Trump administration.

Trending Politics Reports:

“What the administration has inherited is a broken system at the border, and they are working to correct that in the children’s interest,” Pelosi said. “I’m so pleased that the president as a temporary measure has sent FEMA to the border to help facilitate the children going from one 72-hour issue where they are cared for as they are transferred into family homes or homes that are safe for them to be. So this, again, is a transition for what was wrong before to what is right.”

“According to Pelosi’s pretzel logic, Biden issuing an executive order to limit ICE’s ability to arrest and detain illegal immigrants is improving the border situation. So is restoring DACA and reducing the screening protocols for sponsor families. So is halting all progress on the construction of a wall at the southern border.”

The Biden Administration is allowing more and more people to enter every day in throngs, unafraid.  And the effects couldn’t be more obvious.

Now, breaking 911 reports that at least one south Texas migrant facility is at 729% capacity.  This has led to children “going hungry…only able to shower once every seven days.”


Despite all this, people like AOC are largely ignoring this problem.  If you recall, Democrats–especially AOC, were constantly critical of President Donald Trump for this immigration polices.

Yet, his policies never resulted in such a problem as this.  In fact, they seemed much better.

Why are no Democrats whaling at fences over Biden’s immigration policies, which are demonstrably magnitudes worse than President Trump’s for both America and the illegals immigrants involves?

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