Will Somebody Fire This Totalitarian RINO Scumbag?


Steve Stivers, R-OH, Cheering As America Burns, Clapping to Fan The Flames


First, Steve Stivers, a RINO Republican representative from Ohio’s 15th District, erroneously blamed President Trump for what happened at the Capitol in DC on January 6th, despite mountains of evidence that suggests anti-trump leftists and anarchists instigated and caused a majority of the problems.


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Now, Slithering Steve is proving himself to be not only a traitor to his President and his party, but also to the United States Constitution as he hopes to buy the collapse of individual sovereignty in this county by blackmailing the millions in America in need of stimulus checks.


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The National Pulse Reports Stivers as saying people should only be allowed to receive stimulus checks if they take the Covid Vaccine:

He’d “be willing to sign off on a stimulus check of $1,400 for people who take the vaccine,” he said during an interview with Yahoo! Finance.

“I hope the administration will look at that option because we actually buy something with our $1,400 — and that’s herd immunity,” Stivers added.”


Buy something?

You mean with the money that citizens already paid in taxes before pernicious scumbags like you destroyed their lives and livelihoods with the lies surrounding Covid and the need for unending masks and lockdowns for a full year?  You took their jobs away, Slithering Steve.  The least you can do is give them $1,400 for destroying 1 year of their lives for nothing.

Buy something?

Like the ability to leave our homes as we please and go to stores and restaurants as we please, which we can no longer do because of people like you, Slithering Steve?

These stimulus checks are not a gift from the government, Slithering Steve, they are an apology for having wronged us by destroying our civil liberties and ability to function.  We owe the government nothing; you owe us EVERYTHING.

Let this sink in. 

You are being BLACKMAILED for a pathetic $1,400 into opening the door to and accepting complete tyranny and the fall of Western Civilization.  And, after the first $1,400, you will need even more money as few of the small businesses survive.  You will be asked to give up more and more Constitutional and human rights and be monitored more and more with every passing digital government dollar you receive as your jobs disappear.

Then, you will be forced to subsists on a crummy universal basic income while companies like Amazon enshrine themselves within government and control everything from your land to your travel to the amount of meat you are allowed to eat.  You will own nothing.  They will own everything

People on the right have been claiming these exact things would happen as part of anti-American Great Reset.  They were called quacks, but they are correct.  These totalitarians seek to impose an infinite credit system on people, much worse than even the one that exists in China today.  Under this totalitarian credit system, people would be shunned by society for not following the group-think of government.  In this case, not taking a questionable vaccine that has no long-term studies completed on it would be enough to begin the process. Even though the disease and testing methods have no good scientific data to support any of the authoritarian measures we have taken against it.

This is only the beginning.  An Orwellian Chinese social credit score is banging at our gates, and we are about to let it in.

If America is to have any chance of existing in any form beyond ‘name only,’ we must rise up against this tyranny.  No government can be allowed to ever force or coerce anyone into taking such a vaccine.  That is a decision of their conscience.

The government forced millions of Americans out of work and destroyed their businesses and lives so that they could then come in and control every aspect of their lives–including their ability to get funds to feed their families.

These are hallmarks of totalitarian governments, not democratic republics.

There will be nothing left of America or The West if America allows this to happen.

This will have been  the death of The West.

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