A liberal woman recently “tricked” her way onto an invite-only online dating platform for young conservatives. Her initial motivation was just to make fun of people on the app in the typical ‘loving, accepting liberal’ fashion. However, she ended up gathering the personal information of people who were at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and turning them in to the FBI.

Ryann McEnany, the sister of Donald Trump’s former press secretary, created an app called ‘The Right Stuff’ to help young conservatives find people with similar political views to their own.

Ryann McEnany, founder of The Right Stuff

A liberal woman named Caitlin Berg decided to scam her way onto the invite-only app, with the bizarre idea that she would talk to Republican men about sex to “scare them.”

Apparently, she thinks that the Christian conservatives she finds on the app will be afraid if she brings up sex. This a strange idea considering that religious men who choose to wait until marriage are doing it out of their devotion to God, not out of fear.

Since Berg didn’t have an invite to the app, she appealed to the company by sending them an email under the pseudonym “Keightlynne Brandy.”

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She wrote, “My name is Keightlynne Brandy, and I am SO excited about your app!!! I just joined from NYC, but I don’t have any friends on the app and can’t get referred. As a new New Yorker, I would love the chance to meet like-minded individuals in such a liberal city. Is there any way I could get a referral?”

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Berg posted some of the men’s profiles on the app, calling them “rodents from the depths of hell” simply because their political and personal opinions differ from hers.

Berg then realized that some of the men on the app had pictures from the Capitol on Jan. 6, and she decided to screenshot their profiles, get their information, unmatch with them, and give their information to the FBI. She claims to have reported 7 or 8 men.

Pretty much what any sane person would do, right?

Fellow liberals cheered on Berg, criticizing conservatives and saying that they would be “bored” without any liberals to argue with on the platform, seeming to forget that their party is the one constantly picking a fight with anyone who disagrees with them.

“The whole point of being a right-wing Trump supporter is to annoy and argue with people,” one commenter said. “They don’t actually want to meet and date people who share their supposed viewpoints.”

Dan Huff, the co-founder of The Right Stuff, spoke to the Daily Mail about the ridiculous criticisms being launched at the app from the left.

“Leftists are attacking our app because it’s taken off in recent months,” Huff said. “Their lives are miserable, and they can’t stand to see other people happy.”

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