We recently reported on the intentional plan by globalist progressives to literally “break you” by intentionally increasing energy prices via so-called green energy policies.  Though such policies are enacted disturbingly at local and state levels, more visible examples of such inhuman policies exist on a national level as well.  For instance, Joe Biden recently unconstitutionally killed the energy-delivering Keystone Pipeline and its 11,000 jobs.  Because he enacted this on a whime with the stroke of a pen rather than a constitutional legislation, 21 states are currently suing him.

We also reported on up to 240,000 jobs that are on the chopping block in Louisiana alone due to further ‘green’ energy policies.

All of this unscientific demonization of traditional energy is designed to intentionally and artificially skyrocket the price of energy in order to break the will of people while they get unfathomably more rich by literally trading thin air in the form of ‘carbon credits.’  In the minds of these globalist leftist sociopaths, once cheap abundant energy is no longer cheap, expensive and unreliable green energies will seem more palatable and reasonable to the masses.  They do not care whether you, your children, or your grandparents can afford to heat your home now or in the future, as we noted in the previous clip. The goal is to break your will, by any means necessary, as they take control of everything.

In fact, they openly envision a future within a decade in which the cost to own anything of value is so expensive that 99% of people will “own nothing and be happy” while the elite globalist few own everything–including all the farmland and cheeseburgers–and rent it to you at a price of their choosing.

In contrast, under the international leadership of President Donald Trump, America saw some of its lowest gas and energy prices in years and years.  It must be noted that some of this was due to the lack of demand due to restrictions inflicted upon America by Wuhan CCP Virus lockdowns and mandate.  However, it was also due to Trump’s open capitalist policies on energy which made America a leading energy independent producer.  This occurred while he created the unprecedented Abraham Peace accords, bringing peace and stability to the middle east in numerous oil-producing countries for which Trump received an astonishing 5 Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

Now, less than four months of the November election, President* Joe Biden has skyrocket the price of energy in America.  Here are the Diesel prices according to gasbuddy.com in association with Datawrapper:

Do you notice any correlation between the surge in price and the date of the November 2020 election?

Gas Buddy reports:

For the tenth straight week, the national average price of gasoline has continued to trend higher, posting a 5.9 cent increase from a week ago to $2.86 per gallon today according to GasBuddy data compiled from more than 11 million individual price reports covering over 150,000 gas stations across the country. The national average now stands 33.2 cents higher than a month ago, as demand for gasoline continues to soar. The national average price of diesel has risen 7.0 cents in the last week and stands at $3.07 per gallon.


The price of oil was maintaining recent highs but so far hasn’t found support at higher levels. A barrel of West Texas Intermediate crude oil was down 52 cents to $65.09 per barrel in early Monday trade, slightly lower than last week’s start at $66.05 per barrel. Brent crude oil was off some 43 cents to $68.79 per barrel, just off last week Monday’s start of $69.17 per barrel. Pandemic recovery continues to heavily influence commodities, including crude oil, with optimism in some countries boosting price, but a surge in new coronavirus cases in Europe may be slowing the recent rise in oil.

Oil rig counts were mixed, according to Baker Hughes, with the US losing one rig for a total of 402 active rigs, still down 390 from a year ago, while Canada saw a drop of 25 rigs to 116 rigs, 59 lower than a year ago. Oil rig counts are a lagging indicator, but may show how producers respond to prices.


Data from the Energy Information Administration last week continued fragmentation in inventories as refiners continue to slowly mend from the extreme cold nearly a month ago. The EIA reported that oil inventories jumped 13.8 million barrels while gasoline inventories shed 11.9 million barrels to a level 6.2% lower than a year ago and 6% below the five year average for this time of year. Implied demand for gasoline rose 578,000 barrels to 8.73 million barrels per day, thanks to a continued rise in gasoline demand. Refinery utilization saw improvement, jumping 13.0% to 69.0%, yet still below pre-Texas cold levels. Of the increase, much of it came from the Gulf region, which saw utilization rise nearly twenty percentage points.


According to a new dataset being released by GasBuddy, U.S. gasoline demand continued to rise for the week ending March 6, as COVID improvements and warmer weather inspired confidence to get out. National gasoline demand rose 2.9%, while demand rose 3.7% in PADD 1, rose 1.9% in PADD 2, rose 3.5% in PADD 3, rose 3.6% in PADD 4 and rose 2.5% in PADD 5. Gasoline demand last week set yet another new pandemic high, rising to just 1% below the last pre-pandemic figures from mid-March 2020.

Kevin Sorbo summed it up nicely:

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