Previously, reported on massive human rights abuses in China, including live organ harvesting and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sanctioned genocide.  We also have reported on the omnipresent surveillance and lack of any speech or privacy rights for the the people in China.  We also touched on the anti-black and anti-Muslim racism that is prevalent in Chinese culture.  It is also true that speech and thought are heavily censored in China and their media is dominated by government propaganda.  If you don’t follow China’s message or speak out against mass starvation in Chinese cities, you disappear or get shamed by the social credit system into totalitarian capitulation via forced hostage videos. Unfortunately, Western governments and corporations have become beholden to China and it really has been eating our lunch, taken over European trade, and will dominate us by the end of the decade.

Tucker Carlson interviewing former Undersecretary of Commerce Corey Stewart

Since all of this is well-known and accepted truth, President Trump’s administration worked to prevent Chinese atrocities and domination by economically attacking China.  One way he attempted to do this was to place China Telecom, a massive CCP-owned Beijing Telecom Company on what is known as the US Department of Commerce “Entity List.”  American companies must get a special license in order to do business with foreign entities that are on the list.

AT&T did not like this idea because AT&T–which is the parent company of CNN, is anti-American and pro-CCP. It also stopped all donations to Trump Supporters who questioned the irregularities in the 2020 election.

Need proof that AT&T is working against American interests? We now have more.

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While AT&T was pushing racist critical race theory on Americans through its media arms like CNN and HBO, The National File Reported that AT&T was simultaneously lobbying the department of commerce to keep racist genocidal Beijing’s China Telecom off US sanctions Entity List.  Now, the former Commerce Undersecretary for President Donald Trump, Corey Stewart has noted that AT&T urged the Trump Administration not to place China Telecom on the Entity List.Trump

As Tucker notes prior to the interview, “China Telecom is backed by the Chinese Military and under control of the CCP.”  In China, it is impossible to own a business without that business being a part of the CCP.  Big government and big-business are so indistinguishable as to be undifferentiable.  In this way, the government controls every aspect of life in China.

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It turns out that “AT&T is a proud partner of China Telecom” and actually is part of a joint venture with them.

Because of this, and because AT&T has no loyalty to Americans or their values, “AT&T admitted it does not want China telecom on the entities list citing potential unintended consequences.”

But what about all of CNN’s insincere rhetoric about gender equality and preventing racism in America?

Well, amidst all of that, massive numbers of prisoners of conscience in China were facing “gangrapes, torture,” “abuses” and “potentially even genocide” that is sanctioned in China by the Chinese government, as confirmed by Mr. Stewart.

“Despite what CNN and its corporate parents say about protecting minorities and standing up for human rights, it is all a lie.  What they are actually doing is placing profit above human rights over and above US national security concerns.  And, I have to say, AT&T is not alone.  There are other US corporations in China that are turning a blind eye to human right abuses.  Who are turning a blind eye to China threatening its neighbors in the South China Sea…What they are doing is helping China undermine US national security concerns.”

“That is something that we tried in the Trump administration” to prevent.  “We were on the verge of placing China on a Entity list”

And then Biden took office and more and more and more and more and more evidence suggested he was in the tank for them.  So, it never happened.

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